Active Holiday Options for Over 50s

Active Holiday Options for Over 50s

Mediterranean cruises aren’t the only holiday option for the over 50s. Older people are increasingly choosing active holidays that lean more towards adventure than just sitting in the sunshine.

More Over 50s Choosing Active Holidays

The over 50s make up a large clientele percentage for travel companies. With more disposable income and free time than ever before, over 50s holiday makers have been expanding their horizons. No longer content just to sit on the beach, over 50s are choosing skiing, African safaris and white water rafting as their holiday options. For fit and active older people there really is no limit when it comes to adventure tourism and far flung continents.

Over 50s Hitting the Ski Slopes

Skiing is a skill that can be learnt at any age and only requires a moderate level of fitness. The beauty of skiing holidays is that they combine an active sport with stunning locations and great nightlife options. Skiing isn’t just a winter holiday option with locations such as the Stelvio Glacier in Italy open during the summer months. Britain has easy access to some of the world’s top ski resorts and there are ski holiday packages designed specifically for the over 50s. This is one sport that once learned can be enjoyed well into later life.

Golfing Holidays in the Mediterranean

Golf is a sport that can be enjoyed at any age but is particularly popular with the over 50s. Golf holidays in the Mediterranean mean that this sport can be played at any time of the year. There are spectacular professional golf courses in Italy, Greece, Malta and Spain. The climate and stunning scenery make golf abroad a much more enticing prospect than golfing in the UK. There are tailored packages for over 50s golf holidays that combine sun, sea and golf for that ultimate golf holiday.

Adventure Holidays in Africa

African holidays hold a wealth of activities for the adventurous holiday maker. Gorilla spotting in Rwanda, swimming with dolphins in Kenya and white water rafting down the Zambezi River are just a few holiday options. Safaris are of course among the most popular African options but activities are unlimited due to the diversity of this continent. African adventure holidays will provide unforgettable experiences and are certainly a change from the norm.

Underwater Adventures For Over 50s

Scuba diving is one of the most exciting yet relaxing experiences. Package holidays to popular dive sites can include Mauritius, Malta, Corfu and the Costa del Sol in Spain. Diving holidays will include all lessons, accommodation and dive excursions by qualified PADI instructors. Again, diving is a skill that can be enjoyed well into later life. This is not an expensive activity and the range of diving locations around the world is endless.

Adventure Holidays in the UK

There is no need to go abroad to try out some exciting activities whilst on holiday. Mountain climbing, skiing and cycling in England, Wales and Scotland are popular holidays for over 50s. Camping in the sunshine in Devon and Cornwall or canoeing through the Norfolk Broads are all available not too far from home. The beauty of an activity holiday in Britain is that it can take the form of a short break over a weekend. These holidays are also great for meeting and staying in touch with other UK holiday makers.

Active Holiday Options to Consider

Let the imagination roam free when considering the options for an active or adventure holiday. Don’t just look at the usual holiday brochures, get on the internet and seek out adventure holiday companies. Active holidays can include:

  • Jungle Safaris in Cancun, Mexico
  • Touring the wineries and vineyards of Tuscany, Italy
  • Learning to cook in gastronomy tours in France
  • Trekking through the Australian outback
  • Photographing wildlife in India
  • Surfing courses in Newquay, Cornwall
  • Trekking through the wilderness in Iceland
  • Touring the outback in Australia

Active holidays can open up new lease of life in later years. Holidays can be spent learning new sports or acquiring new skills that can then be enjoyed both at home and abroad. The chance to visit far flung exciting locations is of course a bonus. This year try forsaking the usual beach holiday or cruise and go for an exciting holiday that will provide unforgettable experiences.

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