Best Blood Pressure Monitor

Best Blood Pressure Monitor in the UK

Blood pressure monitors at home allow you to control your cardiovascular health by tracking your blood pressure and detecting any anomalies or grounds for worry without seeing the doctor. Our editors talked to several medical health professionals about choosing the Best Blood Pressure Monitor in the UK.

Having the capacity to check one’s blood pressure at home might give the patient and their loved ones comfort that potential problems will not go undetected. A simple way to tell whether the changes in your health and lifestyle, as well as any medications you’re taking, are helping to reduce your blood pressure is to use a blood pressure monitor. So, how do you go about selecting the best blood pressure monitor? We are here to assist you.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor in the UK

Best Blood Pressure Monitor in the UK
iHealth Track Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

1. iHealth Track Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

WebsiteiHealth Labs | Measuring method: Oscillometric, automatic inflation and measurement | Cuff Size: 22 to 41.9 cm | Clinically Validated: Yes, FDA cleared | Has companion app: Yes, iHealth MyVitals | Bluetooth: Yes, version 4.0 | Requires Battery: Yes, 4 x AAA batteries | Price: £34.35

In our accuracy testing, the iHealth Track Smart produced merely mediocre results. It did not fluctuate enough for us to be concerned; more consistent solutions are available. However, several things impact accuracy, and one of the most important is using the proper cuff size.

Most of the devices we examined had a maximum length of 43 centimetres. The iHealth’s regular cuff fits arms from 22 to 41.9 cm, while an extra-large cuff that fits arms up to 48 centimetres is available. 

The iHealth blood pressure monitor includes a vibrant display that changes colour to call your attention to the blood pressure category. You also receive limitless storage space via your smartphone and the companion app called iHealth MyVitals. To synchronise both devices, you connect them via Bluetooth. Luckily for the iHealth blood pressure monitor, it comes with Bluetooth 4.0.

Besides the optional more oversized cuff, the iHealth monitor is standard. Its main issue is that it has the least comprehensible instruction manual of all the products we reviewed.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor in the UK
Omron X7 Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

2. Omron X7 Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

WebsiteOMRON Healthcare UK | Cuff Size: 22 to 42 cm | Memory: 2 users x 100 readings | Clinically Validated: Yes, FDA cleared | Has companion app: Yes, OMRON connect app | Bluetooth: Yes | Requires Battery: Yes, 4 x AA batteries | Product Warranty: 3 years | Price: £99.99

The X7 Smart is one of the market’s most advanced blood pressure monitors and unquestionably the smartest in Omron’s series. Without getting into its fantastic accuracy, we would like to start with the features that set it apart from the competition.

To begin with, it has the innovative Intelli Wrap Cuff, which eliminates the uncertainty of cuff placement on your arm. Wrap the cuff over your upper arm in any position, and the Smart guide will tell you whether it’s in the correct location. To begin, either press start or hold the “start” button for two seconds, with the latter option measuring your pressure and detecting the probability of AFib (Atrial fibrillation).

It is a lovely touch, given how often AFib goes undiagnosed and how many cardiac issues develop due to failing to recognise it in time. The AFib feature of this blood pressure monitor has a high specificity (93%) and sensitivity (95.5%) in detecting possible dangers. In AFib mode, the X7 Smart additionally captures three successive readings and averages them.

Furthermore, the device offers a dual-screen mode to compare your most recent findings to past readings and weekly averages. Alternatively, you may pair the monitor with your smartphone via Bluetooth and download the Omron Connect app. Better still, you do not even have to pick up your phone to see your most current readings since you can ask Alexa to do it for you.

The Omron X7 is a high-tech gadget that can provide much more than essential blood pressure readings. It will help you monitor your development and spot signs of possible Atrial fibrillation, which are necessary steps in lowering your risk of stroke and embolism.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor in the UK
Sinocare Blood Pressure Monitor

3. Sinocare Blood Pressure Monitor

WebsiteSinocare UK | Cuff Size: 22 to 41.9 inches | Memory: 2 users x 90 readings | Has companion app: No | Bluetooth: No | Requires Battery: Yes, 4 x AA batteries | Price: £20.44

The Sinocare Blood Pressure Monitor is the most reasonably priced device available. It may not be the most spectacular display, but it is inexpensive and straightforward. 

Even if you are not interested in fancy features, this is one of the best blood pressure monitors money can buy. Several users have tested it against their doctor’s blood pressure readings and had accurate results, which means you can rely on the information shown on this gadget.

We appreciate that they created the Sinocare Blood Pressure Monitor with the elderly in mind. It boasts an easy-to-read LCD screen with large numbers that display your systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and heart rate. It is accessible by pushing a single button, so there is no steep learning curve. Lastly, It also has built-in voice training, so the device tells you what to do.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor in the UK
Braun ExactFit 1 Blood Pressure Monitor

4. Braun ExactFit 1 Blood Pressure Monitor

WebsiteBraun Healthcare | Cuff Size: 22 to 42 cm | Memory: 1 user x 1 reading | Clinically Validated: Yes, European Society of Hypertension | Has companion app: Yes, Braun Healthy Heart App | Bluetooth: No, manual data input | Requires Battery: Yes, 4 x AA batteries | Price: £33.70

Braun is a household name in healthcare, and the ExactFit 1 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor stands up to the brand’s high standards. It is a clinically accurate instrument, verified by the European Society of Hypertension, and provides professional accuracy and consistency.

Also, the gadget is quite simple to use; slip on the cuff, hit the button, and off it goes. The armband generally tightens before relaxing; however, if you are uncomfortable, push the main button, and the cuff deflates quickly — a kind of emergency halt function.

Its cuff, by the way, has a uniform fit and will fit any arm diameter ranging from 22 to 42 cm. Its armband is of excellent quality, with dependable velcro and a comfortable fit. We particularly enjoy how the cuff includes a foam bar at the end to keep it from slipping.

A big, easy-to-read screen displays the data rapidly and then stores it in memory. However, remember that it can only save the most recent reading and cannot follow your health history. However, you may manually enter the numbers into the Braun Healthy Heart app to track your blood pressure variations.

Overall, the quality is excellent, and the cuff is simple to fit and test while working one-handed. Most significantly, it produces very accurate findings. Ideal for the elderly!

Duronic BPM150 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

5. Duronic BPM150 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

WebsiteDuronic | Cuff Size: 22 to 42 cm | Memory: 1 user x 60 readings | Clinically Validated: Yes | Has companion app: No | Bluetooth: No | Requires Battery: Yes, 4 x AAA batteries | Price: £24.99

Duronic built the BPM150 arm blood pressure monitor to produce a highly accurate but simple-to-use blood pressure monitor that checks all of these boxes and then some.

This model is a high-quality monitor that can detect pulse and blood pressure with a margin of error of +-5% and +-3 mmHg, respectively. And lets you save up to 60 measurements in the device’s memory to follow changes in your health status over time.

The Duronic BPM150 blood pressure monitor is also straightforward to use due to its future automated one-touch operating design. It allows you to control the gadget with a single button push. Reading the data is also simple since the BPM150 has a wide LCD screen that displays readings in large print so that any user may easily read them. It also contains specific tabs that indicate whether your physical state is normal or not.

The arm cuff is high quality, can be adjusted to fit arm circumferences between 22 and 42 cm, and feels nice on the skin. Due to its design, the Duronic home blood pressure monitor is appropriate for practically any adult.

Finally, the Duronic BPM150 blood pressure monitor comes with a soft carrying pouch and is relatively lightweight, making it easy to transfer when necessary. So, if you want a monitor that can deliver accurate readings and easy controls, the BPM150 is the right pick.

Alcédo Upper Arm Monitor

6. Alcédo Upper Arm Monitor

WebsiteAlcédo Health | Cuff Size: 22 to 40 cm | Memory: 2 users x 120 readings | Clinically Validated: No | Has companion app: No | Bluetooth: No | Requires Battery: Yes, 4 x AAA batteries | Price: £30.83

The Alcédo Upper Arm Monitor fared well in our accuracy testing and is one of the best monitors we evaluated that incorporates a talking function. The voice assists you in measuring and informs you if your reading is normal or high. This function is beneficial to everyone, but it is essential for the visually handicapped. Its cuff is comfortable, clearly shows where your artery should be aligned, and is curved to fit your arm. This monitor is easy to operate, and we like the pricing.

A significant issue is that you may mistakenly wipe all of your data by pushing the memory button (MEM) for an extended period. It is simple to do. Believe us. If you wish to keep track of statistics, jot down your readings or enter them into a spreadsheet. 

Another disadvantage is that switching between users is difficult. We prefer devices with a dedicated button for this function. Despite these disadvantages, this device is inexpensive and functional, making it an excellent choice for many and the best in the test for the visually handicapped.

Cazon Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

7. Cazon Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Cuff Size: 22 to 32 cm | Memory: 2 users x 120 readings | Clinically Validated: No | Has companion app: No | Bluetooth: No | Requires Battery: Yes, 4 x AAA batteries | Price: £18.87

The Cazon Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor might be an ideal alternative if you are looking for a completely automated blood pressure monitor that is simple to use. It operates with a single button and offers reliable blood pressure readings.

To improve accuracy, the Cazon Upper Arm monitor has Intelligent analysis chips, updated stable algorithms, and pressurisation technology in the cuff. Aside from the technology, the cuff is comfy and readily adapts to accommodate most arms. It is adjustable in size from 22 to 32cm.

The Cazon blood pressure monitor boasts a wide LCD screen that displays your findings for added convenience. After 30 seconds of inactivity, it turns off automatically. It also includes two-user memory storage, allowing each user to record 120 readings (240 for both users). Consequently, you can precisely measure and compare your blood pressure over time. 

This blood pressure monitor also detects abnormal heartbeats and has a handy travel pouch. This device can be powered by either its built-in micro USB connector or four AAA batteries.

Unfortunately, neither the batteries nor the power adaptor comes with the purchase. Furthermore, it may grow less accurate with time.

Microlife Watch BP Home

8. Microlife Watch BP Home

WebsiteMicrolife AG | Cuff Size: 22 to 42 cm | Memory: 1 user x 250 readings | Clinically Validated: No | Has companion app: No | Bluetooth: No | Requires Battery: Yes, 4 x AA batteries | Price: £87.85

If you have spent good money on a blood pressure monitor, you probably want to use it often. The Microlife Watch BP Home Blood Pressure Monitor can record up to 250 blood pressure readings to keep track of your vitals over time. The gadget is simple and involves connecting the cuff to the monitor. Once on your arm, the cuff, which has directions for usage written on the exterior, remains in place.

Once you have taken your reading, the monitor records it automatically. You may get the primary readings by pressing the “M” button on the machine. It has a Diagnostic Mode for people placed on a 7-day self-monitoring regimen by their physicians, and it can detect A-Fib.

The one disadvantage of this gadget is that it displays more information than is required on its display. The screen displays the date, battery life, and a variety of other indicators that may perplex new users. Still, it gives enough information for those who enjoy that level of detail.

A&D Premier Talking Blood Pressure Monitor

9. A&D Premier Talking Blood Pressure Monitor

WebsiteA&D Medical | Cuff Size: 23 to 37 cm | Memory: 1 user x 90 readings | Clinically Validated: Yes, by European Hypertension Society | Has companion app: Yes, A&D Heart Track App | Bluetooth: No | Requires Battery: Yes, 4 x AA batteries | Product Warranty: 5 year warranty on monitor and 2 year warranty on cuff | Price: £84.91

Another excellent alternative for visually challenged individuals is the A&D Premier Talking Blood Pressure Monitor. The audio mode on this blood pressure monitor plays out instructions, findings, and short data analysis in English, Spanish, or French.

The device’s configuration was straightforward, and the cuff fits well. It can fit upper arms with diameters ranging from 23 to 37 cm. When you press the start button, the talking feature activates and helps the user through the procedure while simultaneously presenting the results on the device’s screen.

Since the monitor’s screen is dimly lit, it may be challenging to discern findings in low-light conditions. That said, it compensates for this with its talking function, so you will get your results nonetheless. The device’s excellent five-star rating in every aspect resulted in a five-star overall value rating.

Final Verdict

The only way to determine whether you have high or low blood pressure is to use a BP monitor regularly. Unfortunately, these disorders infrequently show warning signals, so it is best to set aside a minute of your day to check your findings.

With that in mind, purchasing an accurate blood pressure monitor for yourself and your family is advisable. After that, you and your physician can view the state of your system and its associated metrics. If you want the best among the best monitors, you will never go wrong with the Omron X7 Smart Blood Pressure Monitor. However, we recommend the iHealth Track Smart Blood Pressure Monitor if you have a lower budget.

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