Best Dating Sites For Over 50

Dating sites for over 50

Dating at any age can feel daunting. But as someone over 50, looking for love or even basic companionship isn’t always so easy. You may not know where to start, or lack confidence when it comes to getting yourself out there. Therefore in this article, we take a look at dating sites for over 50 years old singletons.

Whether you’re divorced, bereaved or have simply never found the one, everyone deserves to find happiness regardless of their age. The good news is that online dating has made it easier than ever to find potential partners, and this includes if you’re over 50 too.  

While you might have to get to grips with new technology, dating online means you can access an incredibly wide pool of potential matches compared with meeting people in person. Matches wise, you can also choose whether to opt for a website that’s strictly for those over 50, or a general dating website which is open to people of all ages. 

As part of our relationships series, we’ve found the best dating sites for over 50 or above, so that you can find happiness throughout the mid and later stages of your life. 

What Do You Need To Start Online Dating?

Access to the internet – To set up a dating profile and respond promptly to any matches, you’ll need (reliable) access to the internet. Dating websites can be accessed from a desktop computer, although downloading an app on your phone will make everything easier to manage.

Dating profile – So that potential matches can find you, you’ll need to add at least one photo of yourself and have some written information for people to learn more about you. Ensure the photo is recent and reflective of your personality, and that the written description helps people to understand you better along with what you are looking for. 

An idea of what you want to get out of online dating – It’s okay to take the time to find your feet with online dating. That said, it’s good to have a clear idea of the type of person, along with the type of relationship you would be open to. Most importantly, potential suitors are also going to want to know whether you are looking for something casual or serious. Being clear will ensure everyone is on the same page. 

An open mind – While you likely know what you want and don’t want, by the same token it’s good to keep at least somewhat of an open mind. Remember, everyone is in the same boat, especially someone else over 50 looking for a new relationship. So try to build plenty of connections rather than close yourself off. You will find that on the dating sites over 50 we have listed but do come with an open mind.

Location flexibility – It’s usually possible to state how far from your location you’re willing to accept matches from. Obviously, matches in the immediate local area to you will be the easiest to meet up with, though this will limit the potential pool of matches overall. Therefore, you need to consider how far you’re willing to travel. Keep in mind some websites may even match you to international matches, who may be fun to chat with but would require you to have a long distance relationship if you wanted to take things further. 

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Dating Sites for over 50

≻ eHarmony

Responsible for 4% of all US marriages alone, eHarmony was founded by a psychologist with the aim of creating a logical algorithm for online dating.

How eHarmony works is that you will be asked a series of questions – 80 to be exact – covering what you are looking for in a partner, along with who you are as a person. The idea here is to immediately remove any potential unsuitable matches so that you can concentrate on those who best align with what you want to get out of the process.

In terms of trustworthiness, eHarmony is known as the ‘#1 trusted dating app’ based on a survey carried out in the UK, Australia, America and Canada. Therefore, it’s a great place to start if you’re in search of a serious connection with someone, rather than a fleeting look at what’s out there.

≻ EliteSingles

Attraction is as much about the mind as it is the physical elements, and if you prioritise that mental connection more than anything, EliteSingles could be for you. 

The USP of EliteSingles is that it is a dating site for the highly educated, with 85% of its members having above-average qualifications. Age wise, the site is most populated with those aged between 35 and 55, making it possible to find people around the same age as you or someone slightly younger. One of the great dating sites for over 50 years old.

Five compatibility parameters make up the algorithm for EliteSingles. This includes your level of openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and eroticism. The algorithm is so robust, that EliteSingles is known for making highly accurate matches. 

≻ Match

Founded in 1995, Match is the oldest dating website in existence. As it happens, a more mature age isn’t a barrier to using Match either, as there is no upper or lower age limit so long as you’re a legal adult. In particular, those looking to date slightly younger will find Match more suitable, as other mature dating websites have a minimum age requirement of around 50. 

With Match, you’re also asked a series of questions including more personal questions about your height, weight and even your salary. While it’s up to you about what information you hand over, this level of detail does allow you and any potential matches to be incredibly specific about what you are looking for. This makes it a key site in our dating sites over 50 list.

In terms of website features, you can see whether or not a person has read your message, rather than just waiting for them to respond. You can also have your profile reviewed by a Match expert, which is handy for those new to online dating, or those who just aren’t having much luck finding a connection with someone. 

As one of the most popular dating websites in existence, there have been many success stories with Match. Though users do recommend remaining realistic, and of course getting to know people beyond instant messaging before you decide to take things further. 

≻ OkCupid

OkCupid is one of the most popular UK-based dating websites. The main draw is that OkCupid is free to use unless you want to access some of the more advanced features.

Despite its ‘young’ aesthetic, OkCupid is also used by those over 50, with around 50,000 dates arranged through the site every week.

One unique feature of OkCupid is that you can view a percentage score showing your compatibility rating with other users. This information is gained from a personality quiz, and having a score makes it easier to determine whether or not you have similar interests before moving forward. 

Although, as OkCupid has no video chat function, we do suggest arranging this on another platform before meeting in person. Given this would require you to share personal information, this may make it slightly difficult to verify the identity of any potential matches. So, OkCupid is perhaps best for those with more time on their hands rather than those in search of a quick match. 

≻ Ourtime

One of the reasons age can feel like a barrier to online dating is that for some, they want to find a partner within their age range. Or, they want a platform that understands the needs of someone in their 50s and beyond, rather than their early twenties.

Demonstrating just how progressive society is becoming, Ourtime is a dating website that’s strictly for singles aged over 50. 

Having been around since 2001, Ourtime is another trusted favourite in the world of online dating. It currently has around 600,000 active users, with an almost equal split between males and females. 

It’s possible to view a selection of potential matches based on your preferences or browse a wider list of users. Many of the initial features are free, although it does cost to send matches a message. 

≻ SeniorMatch

As the name suggests, SeniorMatch is yet another dating website that’s exclusively for senior singles. 

Something that immediately sets SeniorMatch apart from other dating websites, is that you can specify you are looking for more than just a relationship or a date. This includes finding people to go on activity days with, travel with or to become companions with. So in terms of overcoming feeling lonely in your senior years, SeniorMatch has really taken the time to consider this broadening its appeal to beyond romance alone. 

The site is mostly free to use, with some features available at an additional cost. Though, this does mean it’s possible to try the website out to see if it’s for you before committing. 

Users note those in rural locations may struggle to find many matches. Plus, there’s a slight gender disparity, with 60% of all SeniorMatch users being women. 

On the positive side, there are going to be no issues in finding people who have shared some of the same experiences as you if you’re over 50. So if you definitely want to stay away from younger matches and instead want to build quality friendships or relationships, SeniorSingles offers a more straightforward dating experience. 

≻ Zoosk

If the world of online dating seems like a bit of a jungle to you, then there’s no better place to head to than Zoosk. 

With 35 million accounts and over 3 million messages sent daily on the platform, finding a match shouldn’t be an issue on Zoosk. Matches can be swiped left or right, helping you to filter out those who don’t catch your eye.

Zoosk dating site

The overriding theme with Zoosk is that while it’s certainly possible to find love, most people do use the platform in search of more casual connections. This is due to Zoosk not requiring you to fill out much profile information, making the matches less targeted than with other platforms. Plus, it has a free version along with low cost paid plans, which tends to attract those who are looking for something a little less serious.

As the #1 grossing app in the Apple Store and 80 languages available, Zoosk arguably has the widest reach potential. Just be ready to receive a lot of interest, as you’ll be doing a lot of filtering out to find those you truly want to connect with. 

Staying Safe While Dating Online

Whether you’re a tech-savvy 50-year-old or new to technology, we want to ensure your venture into the world of online dating is a happy one. Sadly, scammers exist in all areas of life these days and online dating is no exception. Follow our top tips to stay safe when online dating. 

  • Never give money to someone you have met online, regardless of what they tell you or how long you have been talking to them. 
  • Be very careful about the personal information you divulge online both in terms of personal safety as well as the potential for identity fraud.
  • If something doesn’t feel right, contact the website help or support function immediately and speak to friends and family. 
  • Before arranging to meet someone in person, speak to them on a video call first to ensure they are who they say they are. Sadly, some people use fake photographs (known as catfishing).
  • If you are going to meet anyone in person, meet at a public place and let others know where you are going. Also, agreeing to a double date can help everyone feel safer and more relaxed when meeting someone new for the first time. 

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For anyone aged over 50 who is looking to get back on the dating scene, we wish you the best of luck. Hopefully, the above list has pointed you in the right direction, especially when it comes to finding both a mixture of websites and apps to try. If you do have any success, then be sure to leave us a comment to let us know how you got on. 

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