Best Dementia Clocks

Best Dementia Clocks in the UK

The hands or digital numbers on our clocks influence everything we do, from getting out of bed when the alarm goes off to making sure that we are on time for our appointment at nine in the morning. Time disorientation is a symptom that our parents and loved ones experience even in the early stages of dementia. This article aims to guide you in picking the best dementia clocks in the UK.

Patients with dementia often have more significant difficulties in detecting dates, differentiating days of the week, and recognising day from night.

Fortunately, specifically designed dementia clocks may help your loved one regain control over their schedule and provide memory signals for crucial activities and reminders, offering comfort and reassurance to carers.

Let us today glance at some of the best dementia clocks for older people and talk about the aspects you should look for when shopping for a clock for a senior citizen.

Best Dementia Clocks in the UK

Best Dementia Clocks in the UK
Marathon Slim Atomic Wall Clock

1. Marathon Slim Atomic Wall Clock

WebsiteMarathon Watch | Display: 15-inch digital display | Wall mounting: Yes | Batteries required: 2 x AA batteries (included) | Available Colours: Black, Grey, Grey Ash Tone, Walnut Wood, White | Price: £59.99 – £67.99

The Marathon Slim Atomic Wall Clock is an excellent alternative for the elderly with low vision. Atomic clocks are the most precise in the world, losing just one second every 100 million years, making this clock a favourite among people who appreciate precision and accuracy!

The digits on the Marathon Slim Atomic Wall Clock are enormous. Moreover, its viewing angles are impressive. You can still tell the time from any angle. It shows the time at a substantial size of 3.2 inches, while other texts have a height of 1 inch.

Since it is an atomic clock, the Marathon clock also shows time down to the second, a unique feature many older people enjoy. Furthermore, the elegant and lightweight plastic frame comes in five stylish colours: black, grey, grey ash tone, walnut wood, and white.

This dementia clock features an essential alarm function. You may adjust a toggle on its back to “Daily” or “Mon-Fri,” and the alarm will sound at the specified hour, 5 or 7 days each week.

The Marathon Slim Wall Clock has a remote thermometer for use outdoors. It sends the outside temperature to the clock, which displays it with the internal temperature — the hidden power of two AA batteries. This Marathon dementia clock comes with batteries. Therefore, you can use it right out of the box.

Best Dementia Clocks in the UK
GeriGuard Solutions Dementia Day Clock

2. GeriGuard Solutions Dementia Day Clock

Display: 7-inch analogue display | Wall mounting: No | Batteries required: No, uses an A/C adapter | Available Colours: Brushed Aluminum & Plexi Frame | Price: £126.99

Dementia makes telling time challenging, but the GeriGuard day clock works wonders and simplifies life for patients and caretakers. It is a clock with a straightforward and basic design that has been enhanced using cutting-edge technologies. The clock displays the time of day, whether it is evening, midday, morning, or night.

The clock is crucial for the elderly who have difficulty telling time and seniors in nursing homes who lose track of time. A day clock does not display the current time. Still, it may assist the elderly or dementia sufferers with the time-cycle problem.

The best part about this clock is that it is reasonably priced, so anybody with a problem may have it. At most retailers, the clock costs about £126.99. 

However, the price might shift based on a wide variety of circumstances, one being the seller’s location. A lot of people widely regard the GeriGuard Dementia Clock as an excellent clock. Many people like it, as seen by the testimonials they post on internet shops after purchasing the clock. Our editors agree as it is effortless to set up and splendid to use.

Best Dementia Clocks in the UK
Reminder Rosie Voice Controlled Talking Clock

3. Reminder Rosie Voice Controlled Talking Clock

WebsiteSiMPL Technology | Display: 2-inch LED digits and 3 “day clock” display options | Wall mounting: No | Batteries required: 3 x AA batteries (included) | Available Colours: White | Price: £97.99 – £169.99

The Rosie Voice-Controlled Talking Clock is not your typical clock. Instead, Reminder Rosie is a voice-activated reminder system that has the potential to revolutionise the lives of older people who are coping with memory loss, as well as the lives of their relatives.

Due to its enormous size and easy-to-read display, along with the spoken voice, it is also an excellent choice for seniors with visual or hearing problems.

The hue of this rectangle clock is off-white. Its two-inch amber LED digits are simple to see at any time of day or night, even if you have poor eyesight. Furthermore, it is easily adjustable; the display may be either brighter or darker as desired.

This clock may help as a regular alarm clock, with a snooze option and three alarm tones to pick from. However, Reminder Rosie distinguishes itself from other clocks with the various alarm choices it offers.

Reminder Rosie promotes using cutting-edge voice control as being very easy to use. People who have never used voice recognition technology before could find it challenging or confusing. So make time to assist the senior citizen in getting used to using Reminder Rosie.

Additionally, Reminder Rosie intends to place it on a table or desktop. Its eight-inch width and less than three-inch depth provide stability without adding bulk. Remind yourself that an electrical outlet powers Reminder Rosie. 

While Reminder Rosie is powered by an electrical outlet, you must also consider the possibility of a power outage. In this case, our editors advise that you also put in three AAA batteries to store your messages and other significant settings. 

We recommend you give this clock to an older person with dementia as soon as possible. It will allow the individual to get acquainted with all its features and functions.

Best Dementia Clocks in the UK
DayClox Updated Memory Loss Digital Calendar Day Clock

4. DayClox Updated Memory Loss Digital Calendar Day Clock

WebsiteDayClox | Display: 8-inch digital display | Wall mounting: Yes | Batteries required: No, uses an A/C adapter | Available Colours: White Letters on Solid Black Background | Price: £50.99

The name of a DayClox may seem similar to the name of a day clock, but they are two different clocks with distinct designs and features. This DayClox digital clock assists those suffering from memory loss.

The DayClox clock displays the day of the week, the date, and the time, and it intends to reduce patient misunderstanding. Its display has both 24-hour and 12-hour display modes. Additionally, it provides options for altering the brightness by any amount depending on the time of day.

Suffering from such conditions is never easy for the patient, so it is essential to boost the sufferer’s self-esteem. A clock might be an excellent present for a patient suffering from memory loss. This clock is also reasonably priced, costing about £50.99. So it will not break the bank. However, the cost varies based on the store’s location and other variables.

Véfaîî 19 Alarms Calendar Clock

5. Véfaîî 19 Alarms Calendar Clock

Display: 15-inch digital display | Wall mounting: Yes | Batteries required: No, uses an A/C adapter but has a backup battery | Available Colours: Black, White | Price: £44.99 – £49.99

The Véfaîî 19 Alarms Calendar Clock is sophisticated and created using cutting-edge information technology systems. This dementia clock has a companion app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Patients with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia will have an easier time keeping track of the time thanks to a mobile app called the Alzheimer’s Dementia Day Clock, which is available as an app and primarily used as a screensaver. The problem of losing track of day and time is easily remedied with this clock since it includes superior technology that aids in its time visibility.

Although this clock does not display the exact time, it does indicate the day of the week, which helps the patient feel less concerned about their situation. The clock is advantageous because it lets you access the app, given that it only costs £44.99 to £49.99. It is easily the most affordable sort of clock for people with dementia.

American Lifetime The Best Day Clock

6. American Lifetime The Best Day Clock

WebsiteAmerican Lifetime | Display: 8-inch digital display, 800 x 600 resolution | Wall mounting: Yes | Batteries required: No, uses an A/C adapter with backup battery | Available Colours: White, Black, Mahogany, Wood | Price: £50.99

The American Lifetime Day Clock is an excellent option if you or a loved one has dementia or if you have an older loved one. The American Lifetime Day Clock has an expansive dial that you can see from across the room. The clock’s adaptable shape factor allows it to be seen in various settings.

Its high-definition display has illumination for readability, and you may use a night mode dimmer to prevent disruptions to the user’s sleep. An easy-to-navigate drop-down menu makes customising the American Lifetime Day Clock a breeze.

You can purchase the case of this clock in a rainbow of colours to match any interior design scheme; you may go for white, black, mahogany, or wood.

You can set a maximum of five daily alarms on the American Lifetime clock. In other words, you may start using this clock right away after taking it out of the packaging. To use it, plug it in and set the time zone. It is as easy as that!

Even though it can only be used when connected to an electrical outlet, it nevertheless has a battery backup that will keep the time and date should the power go out.

The clock and box say nothing about dementia, Alzheimer’s, or memory loss. However, we figured that its screen with huge text screams dementia clock. When individuals cope with memory loss issues, they may feel embarrassed to acknowledge it. It is essential to respect their dignity in a way that is both sensitive and helpful. Supporting people in this manner is one such strategy. 

Robin Digital Day Clock, 2022 version

7. Robin Digital Day Clock, 2022 version

WebsiteRobin Clock | Display: Digital display, available in 8-inches, 12-inches, and 15-inches variants | Wall mounting: No | Batteries required: No, uses an A/C adapter with backup battery | Available Colours: Black, Mint, Orange Blush, Sage, Tomato, White, Winter Day | Price: £72.99

The Robin Clock (2022 edition) is a clock that was designed to help dementia sufferers and the elderly. The clock includes a variety of sophisticated settings, the most notable of which is the massive display, which aids in the treatment of memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s illnesses.

It has a five-star rating on online shopping sites, and its cost varies from £72.99 upwards. The clock is available in various colours, so there are many options when purchasing.

This clock provides ultimate accuracy while displaying the time since it features a high-resolution display with a clear picture display. The clock includes an image display that provides a complete spectrum of a 170-degree angle to all sides of a room. The display themes of the Robin clock may also be modified, making it one of the greatest clocks.

This clock’s design is one-of-a-kind, with an easy-to-use user interface that makes it suitable for the elderly and dementia sufferers. The design allows for ideal placement in bedrooms, baths, kitchens, and living spaces.

Moreover, this clock includes excellent alarm settings and capabilities for customised messages, allowing users to change the schedules to their preferences easily. It has several built-in options that enable users to send messages using the clock.

Patients can efficiently use the clock since it proclaims the current day in a loud voice. Special days, such as birthdays, may be marked as reminders on display.

In contrast to other clocks on the market this year, the Robin clock boasts a long battery life. A Robin clock’s qualities make it an excellent gift for people living with dementia or loved ones suffering from memory loss. Nursing homes typically utilise it to provide caretakers and patients with peace of mind.

YISSVIC Digital Alarm Clock

8. YISSVIC Digital Alarm Clock

WebsiteYISSVIC Clocks | Display: 9-inch digital display, 1024 x 600 pixels high resolution | Wall mounting: Yes | Batteries required: No, uses an A/C adapter with backup battery | Available Colours: Black | Price: £40.80

The YISSVIC day clock offers some superior characteristics to the other trendy clocks this year. The clock features various advanced settings that assure patients, particularly the elderly with vision issues, can observe the time without difficulty. The clock displays the current time and includes excellent alarm settings.

When used as a wall clock, the YISSVIC digital alarm clock’s accompanying remote control makes it simple to set time and alarms or convert to digital picture frame mode. The time, date, and month are clearly shown on the 8″ LED Back-lit Digital Calendar Clock without abbreviation. It is clear enough to see the time from any distance.

When an SD card is inserted, the Day and Date Clock transforms into a digital photo frame that can play photographs or movies. You may decorate your home by hanging it on the lobby wall using the wall mount hole.

This digital clock is ideal for family members, particularly elders. It may remind your family members of daily activities such as taking medications, eating meals, or walking pets with 12 alarms and eight memo settings.

The YISSVIC digital calendar can show time, day, and date in nine different languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Dutch, and Welsh. It is simple to configure in your local language.

SSINI Large Digital Day Calendar Clock

9. SSINI Large Digital Day Calendar Clock

Display: 8-inch digital display | Wall mounting: Yes | Batteries required: No, uses an A/C adapter with backup battery | Available Colours: Black | Price: £36.60

The SSINI digital clock features the largest display digital calendar of any trending clock. It has several additional options that might aid people living with dementia. Patients can better manage their alarms due to the addition of a more sophisticated alarm option on the clock.

They can set an infinite number of alarms in a single period. Other clocks do not have this advanced option, and it has an excellent display setting, which makes viewing time simpler for patients.

Since the clock has an advanced option for displaying the huge shortness of days, the elderly with visual impairments do not have to battle it. The incredible settings of the clock make it well worth the cost.

The SSINI clock is inexpensive, so it is within most people’s budgets and will not break the bank. Furthermore, it is an excellent gift option for those who are old or suffering from dementia due to its low cost. People who have used the clocks have left several favourable evaluations and testimonies. It is clear from the reviews that this clock is fantastic.

Final Verdict

Due to its clear and easy-to-read screen, the American Lifetime Day Clock is the clear winner of today’s roundup. It presents all the necessary facts in a concise way that is not overpowering. Its easy medicine reminders and primary mode option, which displays just the most vital information about the day and whether it’s morning or evening, set this clock apart from the competition.

The American Lifetime Day Clock is the ideal option for the majority of seniors who may be suffering from memory loss or vision impairment.

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