Best Elderly Monitoring Systems

Elderly Monitoring Systems

Caregiving from a distance has a special set of difficulties. But thanks to new technology, such as caregiver alert systems and elderly monitoring devices, you might find comfort and assistance. With the use of motion sensors, the system learns the routines of elders and notifies you or other caretakers when something is wrong or when unusual patterns of behaviour are noticed. In this article, our experts compiled the best elderly monitoring systems.

Monitoring services can spot deviations from your relative’s typical behaviour. If your mother or father insists on a cup of tea at seven in the morning for whatever reason, a sensor will alert you if they don’t use the kettle one morning. Home monitoring systems are often a more affordable option than in-person care. They give your parents the freedom to continue living the way they do now and the assurance that they are safe while doing so. This is especially true if your older relative just received a dementia diagnosis.

Buying Guide: Best Elderly Monitoring Systems

How do I choose a caregiver alert system?

When selecting the best caregiver monitor, consider your loved one’s needs and personal budget, as well as the versatility of the device.

Ask the following questions to find a good fit:

  • Are there monthly data fees or other contractual obligations?
  • Does it have fall detection or prevention?
  • Does it have home security monitoring for fire, carbon monoxide, and smoke?
  • Does it need to be charged daily?
  • Will the software or any other components need to be updated regularly?
  • Where is it installed or attached, and how does it operate?
  • Is the device waterproof?
  • Is the information on the device secured?
  • Do you trust the company to protect private information?
  • What are the connectivity, mobility, and range of the sensor?
  • Will family members be able to connect to the device?

What do elderly monitoring systems do?

Seniors who live alone might not have anyone to routinely check on them. Every now and then, family and friends will stop over. In contrast to constantly being there, it is insufficient.

An ageing monitoring system can help in this situation. An aged surveillance system remains with and keeps an eye on your senior loved ones. Depending on the method you choose, you may be able to monitor their welfare from a great distance or even across international borders.

Generally, an elderly monitoring system can:

  • Keep seniors and their families at ease.
  • Help respond to an emergency faster.
  • Send emergency alerts to selected contacts when the user clicks the panic button.
  • Provide constant monitoring of vital health signs, such as blood pressure and body temperature.
  • Provide 24/7 inactivity monitoring.
  • Provide elderly monitoring for patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s. The GPS feature helps track seniors if they wander off or get lost.
  • Monitor sleep patterns. A more advanced monitoring system for elderly loved ones can track and analyze sleep patterns over time to help identify other problems, such as sleep apnea.
  • Monitor medication usage.
  • Some senior monitoring systems can also call 911 automatically in an emergency.

Elderly Monitoring System Costs

While mobile-friendly systems or motion-detector home systems can cost as much as £100 per month, simpler monitoring systems that connect to a landline can be had for as little as £25. The majority of monitoring systems are priced in that range.

Best Elderly Monitoring Systems

Telephone checks were probably the most appropriate approach to confirming that a relative was safe and sound a few decades ago. An elderly remote care system may now be included in an app or other gadget to keep a watch on your loved ones.

If you are seeking a monitoring system for elderly parents or relatives, consider the following:

Elderly Monitoring Systems - StackCare
StackCare Sensors

1. StackCare

Set-up fee: Free, DIY installation
Monthly fees: around £76
Subscription inclusions: Wi-Fi Gateway, StackCare sensors
Does it have an app: Yes, the StackCare app 

A smart home monitoring system called StackCare makes it possible for families and caregivers to keep an eye on elderly individuals in their own homes. StackCare uses four sensors to keep an eye on a person’s movement, habits, and environment in the house. The hub will send daily and rapid notifications, as well as other reports, to several selected recipients via the mobile app.

How does StackCare work?

The home is equipped with sensors that pick up movement and activity. This data is delivered to the StackCare hub, which, in the event of any issues, notifies the designated recipients. A tumble or failing to get out of bed in the morning might be the cause of this lethargy. The warning informs you that you should speak with or visit your loved one to make sure everything is well.

StackCare generates personalized reports using machine learning technologies. This enables it to quickly recognize when your relative’s behaviour is strange and learn the routines of the person you are caring for.

The StackCare App is easy-to-understand and displays all of the insights generated by the sensors placed in your relative’s home. You can set StackCare up in your relative’s home yourself in as little as 15 minutes. There are no tools required, and no strangers need to come into your relative’s home.

What their customers say…

I love the reassurance that StackCare gives me. It’s incredibly clever, and it does all the work for you. Dad keeps his independence and dignity, and he particularly likes the fact his privacy is respected as we can look out for him from a distance.

Jasmine, StackCare User

Elderly Monitoring Systems - SECOM Smart Wellness
The product line of SECOM Smart Wellness

2. SECOM Smart Wellness

WebsiteSECOM Smart Wellness
Set-up fee: £250.90 (including the smart home sensors)
Monthly fees: around £30
Does it have an app: Yes, the SECOM Smart Security app 

The best of all worlds in terms of security and comfort is SECOM Smart Wellness. This bundle maximizes the market-leading home security technology from SECOM and combines it with a comprehensive, highly customizable approach to assurance.

With SECOM’s newly released Smart Wellness package, you may get informed as soon as something goes wrong at your relative’s house. As a top security provider, SECOM has made use of its in-depth knowledge and cutting-edge technology to give you the ability to create a personalized, comprehensive picture of your relative’s safety and well-being without being intrusive.

How does SECOM Smart Wellness work?

Technology has always been the driving force behind SECOM’s industry-leading security systems, and this situation is no exception. Smart technology is what makes it possible for everything to provide insightful data and protection to help your loved one maintain their independence for a longer period.

However, it is not about outfitting your parents’ house with tons of expensive equipment and gadgets so that it looks like something out of Mission Impossible. No, SECOM’s Smart Wellness is a customized package with unobtrusive sensors, basic cameras, and an intruder alarm that is created around the desires and needs of your family. Each package is expertly installed by our professionals and only includes the technology you want and need. They can help you set up the system and app as you and your loved one would like. That way, you can get a full picture of their well-being without intruding on their privacy.

What their customers say…

SECOM’s Wellness has been a saviour for me. My mum has early-onset dementia, so it’s been a challenging time for us. But SECOM puts my mind at ease. They have a great system that keeps us connected all the time and is intelligent with its alerts and reporting.

Sam, SECOMS User

Elderly Monitoring Systems - Taking Care Sense
Taking Care Sense

3. Taking Care Sense

WebsiteTaking Care
Set-up fee: £29.99
Monthly fees: From £11.49 per month (£13.79 including VAT)
Does it have an app: Yes, the CareSense app

Taking Care Sense is a straightforward yet efficient smart home monitoring system. The self-powered, tiny gadget, which sits in your relative’s kitchen, works right out of the box with no Wi-Fi settings required.

A proactive home monitoring system that notifies us if there is a change in our everyday living activities that may suggest a concern. Taking Care Sense may be added to a personal elderly alarm package or used as a stand-alone option to give care help. Taking Care Sense is a preventative technology that analyzes household activity as well as low-temperature extremes.

We’ll raise the alarm when we’re notified of a substantial change in the normal pattern of behaviour. For example, if your loved ones are not out of bed and making breakfast as they normally do, the elderly monitoring system will alert us.

Taking Care Sense provides reassurance if:

  1. You do not live close by or cannot visit them every day.
  2. Your parents are very independent and do not want to worry you, but you want peace of mind when you’re not with them.
  3. You can also receive a weekly email summary to help manage your loved one’s well-being by reviewing changes in their activity and room temperature in the kitchen.

With the cost of living growing, elderly people at risk of fuel poverty may turn off their heating to save money during the colder months, putting themselves in danger.

This home monitoring system for the elderly detects low temperatures and alerts family members if the heating is being lowered.

How does Taking Care Sense work?

Unlike a personal alarm, Taking Care Sense does not feature an emergency button. Instead, our elderly monitoring system provides a layer of comfort and protection, and if anything out of the ordinary occurs, we will notify the nominated contacts.

What their customers say…

My elderly mother has a personal alarm from Taking Care. I can strongly recommend this monitoring system. Everyone I have dealt with has been extremely helpful. This alarm works very well, and it is really reassuring knowing that if my mother is in difficulty, she can press the button, and someone will respond.

Lindsey, Taking Care User

Elderly Monitoring Systems - Taking Care Safe Home Alert
Taking Care Safe Home Alert

4. Taking Care Safe Home Alert

WebsiteTaking Care
Set-up fee: £199.99
Monthly fees: From £39.99 a month (£47.99 including VAT)
Does it have an app: Yes, the CareSense app

Safe Home Alert by Taking Care is a smart home monitoring service for the elderly that is watched over by the knowledgeable personnel of Taking Care twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Five motion and room temperature sensors, two door sensors, a fridge sensor, and two smart plugs for the kettle and microwave are included in the Safe Home Alert. With the Safe Home Alert, a personal alarm and professional installation are also included.

How does Taking Care Safe Home Alert work?

Safe Home Alert is driven by Anthropos’ sophisticated artificial intelligence platform, which learns about your relative’s daily habits and offers you and your loved one vital information concerning changes in their behaviour. A smart plug, for example, can monitor how frequently the kettle boils. Your relative may be dehydrated if they are boiling their kettle considerably less than normal. If they are boiling it repeatedly, it might be an early symptom of memory issues. You may utilize these insights, which can be accessed through a secure website, to manage your relative’s health and care requirements.

The Taking Care Emergency Resolution team is immediately informed if the Safe Home Alert detects an emergency alert or if the alarm is set off. They will comfort and help your relative when they are summoned, notify the family, and, if necessary, escalate the alarm to emergency services. Electrical work, wiring, microphones, and cameras are not required.

It gives you peace of mind to use the Taking Care Safe Home Alert. Why? The monitored home sensors build up a detailed picture of your loved one’s everyday activities over time, enabling you to watch what happens while you’re not present. Three key worries that families have been addressed by the senior monitoring devices, which gather data at all hours of the day and night.

Has something gone wrong that requires immediate action?

Is something changing that should be looked at?

Is my loved one OK when I’m not with them?

That’s how Taking Care Safe Home Alert works!

Final Verdict

When you have older parents who live alone, it might be difficult to know whether or not they are taking care of themselves. When you talk to them on the phone or visit them at home, you can get a sense of it, but for the most part, the best you can do is make sure they have access to health professionals, in-home care, and emergency services.

There’s always the possibility that something will happen without your notice—an emergency that may or may not be avoidable. That is why all of these monitoring systems are critical to the protection of your loved ones. This senior monitoring device may let you keep track of your old parents no matter where they are, giving you peace of mind that they are safe and sound.

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