Best Garden Recliner Chairs

Best Garden Recliner Chairs in the UK

The best garden recliner chairs are an excellent way to unwind at home. Historically, people used this kind of chair in their living rooms. However, they have lately recliner chairs and have found a new home in outdoor places too. In this article, we list the Best Garden Recliner Chairs in the UK.

The ability to rest and unwind with your family and visitors is a significant benefit of owning this furniture. These recliner chairs are simple to operate; just pull the armrests up, and you are done. You may now relax as you would in your living room or family room, but with an incredible outside view.

Recliners are specific pieces of furniture, but they have certain advantages in your outdoor living space. 

Best Garden Recliner Chairs in the UK

1. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Outdoor Lounger

WebsiteTimber Ridge Products | Materials: Heavy-Duty Aluminium Frame, Durable polyester fabric with PVC coating | Weight Capacity: 159 kg | Product Dimensions: L 107 x W 95 x H 115 cm | Available Colours: Black, Brown, Blue | Price: £96.99

Timber Ridge created a high-quality outdoor reclining lounge chair for a zero-gravity product. Additionally, Timber Ridge used durable polyester fabric with a PVC coating and a heavy-duty aluminium tube frame.

Its structure can support 159 kilograms, and the chair can accommodate prominent people since it expands to 72 inches when completely reclined. Although the cushioned bench is comfortable, the bottom bar lacks cushioning, which tall individuals may find uncomfortable. Anyway, this lack of cushioning is the only thing that might jeopardise comfort while sitting for long periods.

You will definitely like the stylish wooden armrests and the side cup holder, which save you from getting up to retrieve your drink. Moreover, this outdoor lounger has several reclining modes and a reliable locking mechanism.

The polyester fabric used in this garden recliner chair is available in four distinct patterns. While it is long-lasting, it is not particularly resistant to external influences. Even though the manufacturer recommends avoiding prolonged exposure to sunlight or a moist environment. However, it should not be a problem since you can cover it or fold it up and store it inside.

Best Garden Recliner Chairs in the UK
Straame Garden Heavy Duty Recliner Chair

2. Straame Garden Heavy Duty Recliner Chair

WebsiteStraame Store | Materials: Textoline, a weather-resistant and breathable material, Steel frame | Weight Capacity: 150 kg | Product Dimensions: 10 x 90 x 65 cm. (upright) / 79 x 160 x 65 cm (reclining) and 94 x 12 x 65 cm (folded) | Available Colours: Black, Brown, Burgundy, Green, Navy | Price: £89.99

The Straame Garden Zero Gravity Recliner Chair is one of the top garden recliners to consider if you want a recliner with various colour choices. It comes in five distinct colours. Several are bright, while others are more subdued tones to suit most gardens and tastes.

In addition, there are different options available for your purchase. You may also get chairs with connected sun umbrellas or a matching table for an extra fee.

Whatever choice you make, these garden recliners are a fantastic buy since they come in a pair of two. These garden recliners are composed of textile fabric, which is durable and straightforward to clean. The cloth canvas attaches to the steel frame using elasticated rope to give flexibility and comfort. The combination of these materials results in the maximum user weight for each chair being 150 kg. 

Although initially rigid, the fabric softens with time and becomes more comfortable as you use it. These recliners, like the other chairs on this list, include an adjustable headrest pillow.

By pressing on the footrest, these zero gravity chairs recline. They can be locked in place using a star-shaped screw that may be adjusted while seated in the chair. Non-slip feet improve the chair’s stability while getting in and out of it and reclining.

Despite its toughness, it’s still relatively light at 7.8 kg and folds flat, making it simple to transport. Keeping the chair inside or using a cover to protect it from the heavy rain is essential since it is not meant to withstand harsher conditions. Each chair has a removable holding tray with enough room for two beverages, a phone, and a tablet or book.

Overall, due to its high weight restriction, several optional options to fit your requirements, and convenient holding tray, this chair is an excellent choice for a broad spectrum of users. Lastly, because of the variety of colours available, you are not bound to a single style.

Best Garden Recliner Chairs in the UK
Caravan Canopy Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

3. Caravan Canopy Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

WebsiteCaravan Canopy | Materials: Tubular Alloy Steel Frame, Durable 600g textaline fabric | Weight Capacity: 136 kg | Product Dimensions: L 64 x W 114. x H 163.8 cm | Available Colours: Beige, Black, Blue, Blue / Grey, Burgundy, Camouglage, Grey | Price: £62.99

This excellent zero-gravity outdoor chair is a great value with an exceptional price-to-quality ratio. In addition, it is also collapsible, so you can take it to the park if you wish. Due to its weight of under 10 kilogrammes and a folding width of 16 cm, it is easily portable. Once you have found the ideal spot, unfold it, take a seat, and unwind.

Caravan Canopy selected high-quality materials that resulted in a durable lawnchair that can take a beating. Moreover, it features a cushioned and adjustable headrest that can double as a lumbar support pillow.

One of the downsides our editors noticed is its armrests; they are composed of plastic and lack cushioning.

However, its adjustment mechanism makes up for that con. Based on our tests, it works splendidly. After finding the correct position and orientation, you may use its highly reliable locking mechanism to lock it in place.

Despite the chair’s relatively lightweight frame, it may still carry a maximum load of 136 kilograms. Our editors are still in awe of this fact.

Moreover, since this Caravan Canopy recliner is inexpensive, the level of comfort it offers is expectedly lower than other more expensive alternatives.

The main disadvantage is its entry-level reclining seats. For instance, sitting for an extended period is not as comfortable. 

Lastly, it comes in an array of colours, six to be exact. Therefore, you have the luxury of picking the colour that best matches the décor of your patio.

Best Garden Recliner Chairs in the UK
Outsunny Folding Zero Gravity Rocking Lounge Chair

4. Outsunny Folding Zero Gravity Rocking Lounge Chair

Materials: Polyethylene, Sturdy Steel | Weight Capacity: 120 kg | Product Dimensions: L 120 x W 66 x H 102 cm | Available Colours: Beige, Black, Brown, Grey | Price: £101.00 to £117.99

The Outsunny Folding Zero Gravity Rocking Lounge Chair is a reclining chair with a locking mechanism under the armrests that allows for several orientations. While it is nearly similar to the other reclining chairs, this chair has a lot of unique qualities. Moreover, it is also on this list of the best rocking foldable camping chairs.

It is worth noting that the feet are meant to raise so that the rockers don’t contact the ground. However, by just folding the feet, it transforms into a comfortable rocker. Our editors noted that you will effortlessly fall asleep while sitting due to the rocking motion.

Furthermore, its name also indicates that it can be categorised as a zero gravity chair, which suggests a design for profound relaxation. You may use it as a regular zero gravity chair in the configuration described above with the feet. It is a folding design, so no assembly is required, and it is pretty simple to use.

A footrest that operates in combination with the reclining backrest is typical of such zero-gravity chairs. The footrest rises as you recline the backrest. There is also a cushion, an adjustable headrest, and solid and ergonomic armrests. As you can see from the image, there is also a foldable side table.

The steel framework has a powder coating, and the fabric is a synthetic called Textilene that is both water and UV-resistant. It is perfect for warm weather because it is light and airy.

LuckyBerry Deluxe Oversized Padded Zero Gravity Chair

5. LuckyBerry Deluxe Oversized Padded Zero Gravity Chair

Materials: Steel tube Frame, Oxford Textile Polyester Fabric with 1.2-inch padding | Weight Capacity: 159 kg | Product Dimensions: L 90 x W 74 x H 114 cm | Available Colours: Black, Brown, Grey | Price: £96.99

This is another large outdoor patio recliner that is lightweight and foldable. This portability allows you to move it around your garden with little effort or bring it to a park for a chill family day. Based on your preferences, LuckyBerry offers two neutral colour options: brown and grey.

The chair itself is made of high-quality materials, ensuring a sturdy structure. The polyester fabric is quite robust and does not irritate the skin. The steel frame supports a weight capacity of up to 159 kilograms. Additionally, its installation is straightforward, but be sure you check the bolts regularly. They may become loose over time, which may pose issues.

The product measures 90 x 74 x 114 centimetres. A spacious sitting area accommodates tall people and adjustable cushion pads for enhanced comfort. If you wish to sit for an extended period, this LuckyBerry recliner chair is one of the cosiest on the market.

Lastly, this garden recliner chair comes with a side table, which is an effortless spot to put your drink and phone, so you do not risk dropping them or leaving them on the ground.

Vonhaus Zero Gravity Recliner Chairs With Canopy (Set Of 2)

6. Vonhaus Zero Gravity Recliner Chairs With Canopy (Set Of 2)

WebsiteVonhaus | Materials: Powder-coated steel frame, Close-weave Oxford 600D fabric | Weight Capacity: 110 kg | Product Dimensions: 112 x 91 x 67.5 cm | Available Colours: Grey | Price: £119.99

The VonHaus Zero Gravity Chair Chairs with Canopy is the perfect option if you want a garden recliner with a canopy. Each chair has an attached roof that you can adjust to provide shade from the sun. It is always connected, so you cannot remove it. However, it can fold entirely back, so you may use the chair without it when you wish to sunbathe.

Its fabric is breathable, long-lasting, and simple to clean. Unlike others on this list, these chairs are not entirely cushioned; each has a separate head pillow. The seats fold down to a small size due to the absence of cushions.

Each recliner has a powder-coated steel frame and can support a maximum user weight of 110 kg. The seats recline based on how you move your weight, like all zero gravity chairs. Furthermore, this garden recliner features a lock on each side that may help to keep the seat in place.

The chairs have matching side tables, which are simple to attach, provide room for your phone and a drink, and are tightly fastened. The chairs have a trendy grey colour with a black frame that appears relatively modern.

These garden chairs are an excellent alternative, especially if you want a built-in shade. They are long-lasting and functional and come with a side table and a sun shade for your convenience.

Ever Advanced Oversized XL Zero Gravity Recliner

7. Ever Advanced Oversized XL Zero Gravity Recliner

Materials: Aluminum or steel frame, Cushioned Polyester Fabric. | Weight Capacity: 159 kg | Product Dimensions: L 81 x W 67 x H 114 cm | Available Colours: Green, Olive Green, Blue, Brown, Grey | Price: £126.99

The first thing that jumps to mind is the patio chair’s high-tech appearance. Although the design appears to be sleek and futuristic, it is good to note that Ever Advanced also addressed comfort and utility.

This oversized garden recliner chair does not need assembly. It weighs less than 20 pounds and is collapsible and lightweight, making it simple to transport and take with you on a camping trip or anywhere you go.

Ever Advanced padded the seating area generously and supplied a nice cushion for lumbar and head support. Its materials seem to be highly robust and waterproof. However, you should avoid putting it in the sun for extended periods. In addition, the manufacturer suggests hiding it while it rains to prevent wear and tear.

The sitting space is significant since the chair is giant and can accommodate people up to 6’2″ tall. Those who are not very tall may find the chair overly large, but that does not imply it would not be comfy. The locking mechanism is dependable, and you may choose from any reclining position ranging from 0 to 170 degrees. 

The side table is quite helpful since it has a cup holder that accommodates bottles of different sizes and extra room for your phone, keys, and other belongings.

GardenCo Zero Gravity Recliner

8. GardenCo Zero Gravity Recliner

WebsiteDawson’s Living UK | Materials: Alloy Steel Frame, Breathable fabric | Weight Capacity: 120 kg | Product Dimensions: 182 D x 65 W x 113 H centimetres | Available Colours: Silver/Black | Price: £39.99 to £69.99

The GardenCo Zero Gravity Recliners are among the best garden recliners for the money. The item includes two recliners that are basic, elegant, and useful. They feature a sleek, black design and are simple to operate. Furthermore, the chairs fold down fast for storage and are simple to reassemble.

Given their low price, these two chairs each have a maximum user weight of 120 kg. They also include removable side tables, a drink holder, a phone holder, and a little extra room.

These chairs are simple to store and fold to a small dimension of 93 x 68 x 16 cm. They weigh 9 kg apiece, making them a midweight alternative for moving in and out of the shed.

You may adjust the seats from upright to suspended and reclined by pressing against the bottom footrest. It is simple to secure it with a twistable lock located on the armrest. Some of our editors, however, have observed that this is not always successful at keeping the seats in place. Nevertheless, sitting on it is a pleasant experience.

The chair’s fabric is not cushioned, but it’s attached to the frame using elastic cords to guarantee it is both supportive and comfy. Like with the other seats, an adjustable head cushion is offered.

Overall, these are the best garden chairs in terms of value. They are an excellent alternative for anybody looking for a sturdy but affordable pair of garden chairs to last through the summer. The reclining mechanism is simple, and the side tables are functional and stylish.

How to Choose the Best Garden Recliner Chairs in the UK

And with that, we present our top picks for garden recliner chairs in the UK. So, how do you choose? They all have that reclining function, but their designs have significant distinctions. Some may lie flat and resemble a cot, whereas others have much smaller reclining angles. 

Almost all of them offer a plethora of additional functions. For instance, you have seen rocking chairs, some with a lot of storage, others that can be carried backpack-style, and some that fold into long but thin tubes.

Weight variations are significant by a factor of three or more. Even so, we do not believe this is a huge concern since they are automobile camping seats in any event. However, if this is about older people, weight may be an issue.

The same is true for seat height, which varies considerably. It may not be the ideal alternative for older people as sitting heights are usually on the lower end. Nonetheless, firm armrests are essential in this case, and you have numerous possibilities available, some with lovely wood armrests.

The folded size may be a problem if you have limited room in your automobile. So write a list of your priorities and then see which of the seats matches your priorities the best.

Final Verdict

Overall, our editors strongly recommend that the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Outdoor Lounger has all the features you need in a garden recliner chair. What is more, the Outsunny Folding Zero Gravity Rocking Lounge Chair is also a compelling option. We love it so much because it has the comfort that makes you fall asleep instantly.

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