Keeping Workplace Friends During Retirement

Workplace Friends

Friends made through work can last a lifetime but all too often retirement can unexpectedly bring an end to workplace friendships. Keeping in touch with work colleagues is a good way to keep a diverse circle of social contacts during retirement.

Workplace Friends and Retirement

Some of life’s most enduring friendships can be made in the workplace. Once retirement arrives it is easy to become involved in other activities with other friends to the detriment of previous workplace friendships. But keeping workplace friendships alive does take regular contact just like any other friendships. With communication tools such as the internet and mobile texting it has never been easier to keep in touch with friends. One quick email or text is all that it takes to stay in touch with workplace friends.

Workplace Friends Can Help with Retirement Transition

One of the most daunting aspects of retirement for many people is losing a previous circle of workplace friends. Staying in touch with work colleagues during retirement can help retirees to mentally adjust to life without work. For many retirees, especially singles, retirement can seem like a lonely prospect without work. This need not be the case as long as friendships are maintained. All friendships need regular maintenance and staying in touch is the only way to achieve this.

More Friends during Retirement means More Activities

Keeping workplace friends during retirement can mean more socialising and social activities. A great number of businesses do have social clubs that are open to present and past employees. Regular attendance at these clubs will give retirees the chance to socialise with former work colleagues. If previous employers run fundraising events this could be a way to volunteer some time during retirement and help with a good cause. Past employers will usually be more than happy to have extra help from trusted previous employers with these sorts of workplace activities.

Get Together with Workplace Friends Socially

Arranging a lunch or dinner date once or twice a month is a great way to stay in touch with workplace friends. Most workplace friends will more than welcome the opportunity to provide all the workplace gossip with an impartial friend. Colleagues who do retire after many years with the same employer are often much missed by their workplace friends. A quick phone call, email or text message can soon lead to regular meetings with friends from work.

Finding Previous Workplace Friends

Many people do work at various places of employment throughout their lives and make numerous friendships along the way. The internet has made it simple to find friends made through previous employers, even if the companies no longer exist. Joining a social networking site is one of the easiest ways to reconnect with old friends from previous places of employment. This could even mean friends from other parts of the country or the world. A few simple clicks could put you in regular contact with workplace friends not seen for many years.

Extend Opportunities through Workplace Friendships

The more friends one has the more opportunities that can crop up. Having a diverse circle of friends can bring about many work related opportunities for retirees who are considering part time work. Retirement work could involve part time volunteering or even starting a small business with ex colleagues. Adult education classes or fitness clubs are also a great way to socialise with workplace friends and keep active. Keep a wide circle of friends including workplace friends and who knows what opportunities could occur.

Ways to Stay in Touch With Workplace Friends during Retirement

There are many ways to keep workplace friendships alive during retirement including:

  • Emails, telephone calls and texts to close work colleagues a few times per month
  • Arranging lunch or dinner dates with ex colleagues
  • Suggesting social activities such as fitness and adult education classes
  • Remaining an active member at employment social clubs
  • Invite workplace friends to dinner or social evenings in your own home
  • Suggest evenings out to the cinema, theatre or concerts

Retirement needn’t mean the end for friendships made through work. Many of these friendships will have been created over many years and will be just as important to work colleagues. Keep in touch with workplace friends regularly and these friendships can last throughout the retirement years.

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