Low Cost, Easy Ways to Make a Home Safe from Criminals

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There is no guarantee that a home can be made criminal-proof but taking safety measures is a wise option. Spending a huge amount of cash isn’t a necessity and there are many low cost, easy ways to make a home safe from criminals.

Domestic Burglaries in the UK

It’s a shocking statistic but according to government statistics a home break-in with violence occurs every 30 minutes in the UK. The number of domestic burglaries in the UK has been rising, and there were just under 300,000 break-ins reported in 2009. In the UK, 176 family homes are broken into by criminals every day. Most people expect to feel safe in their homes but the statistics show that home burglaries are frighteningly common in the UK. Senior citizens who do not have home security devices in place could stand out as an easy target for criminals.

Using Deterrence as a Home Safety Device

Deterring criminals from attempting to break into a home isn’t difficult. A burglar will think twice if they can actually see that home security measures are in place. A simple sign stuck in a window stating that the property is within a Neighbourhood Watch area will often be a deterrent. Similarly, a ‘beware of the dog’ sign stuck on a window or door will be enough to make criminals think twice about illegally entering a property. The householder is not required to have a dog or be a member of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme; the signs are usually enough of a deterrent.

Low Cost Window Security

Most double-glazed windows are fairly secure and come with locks whereas older windows can be an easy target for criminals. Whatever type of window is fitted in the home it is quite easy to fit additional home security. There are bolt devices that can be fitted to the window frame making it almost impossible to open from the outside. Locks that fit to window frames are also available and can be easily removed to allow the window to open from the inside. These devices are very inexpensive and can usually be bought from hardware or DIY stores and fitted by the home owner with a drill.

Securing Inside Doors in the Home

The old ‘chair wedged against the door’ trick has been used by many people as a home security device but there are more secure methods available. Braces can be fitted to inside door frames that will reduce the likelihood of a door being forced open. Rod security systems that can be fitted to the door are a very popular and low cost, easy way to secure doors throughout the home. A simple bolt fitted to the bottom of the door that is then locked into the floor is a very inexpensive but excellent security device. Devices such as these can be fitted at a minimal cost on doors throughout the property and are an easy to fit DIY option.

Security Cameras in the Home

Many householders have caught on to the benefits of security cameras placed at the front door of the home. These have become more sophisticated and can be connected wirelessly to a home computer, which can then record home break-ins. Cameras can also be used in conjunction with motion detectors, which will begin to record when people are in the home. Many of these security devices with motion detectors are also fitted with alarms and flashing lights. The price range varies depending on the sophistication of the device but there are inexpensive versions available.

Easy Home Security Methods

There are a number of ways to increase security in the home without breaking the bank. These methods will include:

  • Join a Neighbourhood Watch scheme if one is available
  • If going on holiday ask a friend to open curtains during the day and shut them at night
  • Never mention on social networking sites that you are taking a holiday
  • Fitting a dummy camera to a front door is an inexpensive way to deter criminals
  • Block off access paths to back gardens with a gate or fence
  • Fit an intercom system to a doorbell to avoid answering the door to strangers
  • Automatic light timers are inexpensive and can be used if away from the home for more than one day
  • Low cost window alarms are available that will activate if a window is broken or forced open

Peace of mind where home security is involved is priceless but many easy to fit home safety devices do not require a big cash outlay. These home security devices are simple to install and are widely available at most DIY stores. Fitting just a few of the home security devices mentioned will decrease the likelihood of criminals targeting a property and should increase the homeowner’s peace of mind.

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