Mixing Leisure With Charity Work In Retirement

charity work

Leisure activities and charity work often go hand in hand. From golfing tournaments to dance events, there are plenty of ways to make money for a favourite charity from your own hobbies and pursuits.

Making Money For Charity

Retirees are the ideal candidates when it comes to raising money for charities. Most retired people will have a range of social activities, and many of these will organise charity fundraisers as part of their calendar of events. This is a great way to help out independent and national charities, and to focus public interest on both the organisation and the charity.

Sports Activities For Fundraising

Most sports activities can be the basis of some form of fundraising throughout the year. This can either be undertaken as a group or as an individual. Sponsored cycling, running, swimming, aerobics and the ever-popular golf tournament can all be used as charity fundraisers. Sports organisations already have a ready-made group of participants, usually with different people taking various classes throughout the week. This is an excellent opportunity to get as many people as possible involved in a sponsored sports fundraiser.

Charity Fundraising At Social Clubs

Many retired people do attend social clubs during the week, enjoying activities such as dancing and quizzes. Holding a fundraising event even once a month can raise a lot of money for a charity, by donating the proceeds from raffles, bingo and sponsored activities. Most social clubs have bars and, if a percentage of the takings can be given to charity, this is another excellent way to raise money. Social club managers will usually be open to donating a percentage if the fundraisers can attract more customers into the premises.

Publicity For Social And Sports Clubs

The great thing about fundraisers held at sports and social clubs is that it will bring in publicity. Advertising the event at the club’s premises and online using social networking sites can increase public interest. Local newspapers can be used to highlight the event, and handing over a cheque is usually worth a photograph and a write up. This has the added bonus of attracting other people to the social club or sports organisation. Free publicity can be a major boost to increase the organisation’s numbers and will benefit fundraising donations, too.

Raising Money Through Hobbies

Selling your own arts and crafts can bring in some extra income and also raise funds for charities. By selling these products online, a percentage of the profits can be given to charitable causes, and this can be stated at the online sales point. One example of this is an ex-services retiree who builds aircraft and military models, and a percentage of his online sales is given to charities such as Help for Heroes.

Voluntary Work And Charities

Charity shops are becoming increasingly busy in towns and cities across the UK, especially during these economic tough times. Volunteering at a charity shop does help to give something back and raise money for the charity itself. Positions include working in the shops, sourcing second-hand products and delivery driving. Volunteering can usually be a part-time activity, leaving plenty of free time for other leisure pursuits.

Getting Started With Fundraising Activities

Arranging a fundraiser is not a difficult task. Following these simple steps will ensure your fundraising event is a success:

  • Check with social and sports club members which charity and activities most interest them.
  • Decide whether the fundraiser is to be a one-off or a regular event.
  • Advertise the event well in advance using fliers, the internet and word of mouth.
  • Consider obtaining backing and sponsorship from other local businesses to increase donations and to add credibility.
  • Make sure it’s clear to contributors where the money is going and how it will be used.
  • If the fundraiser is held in a social club, consider ideas such as race nights, dinners and dances to boost donations.

A fundraising night can be a highlight of a monthly calendar, and something for members to look forward to. It is also a fun way to bring community members together for a worthwhile cause in a social setting.

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