Best Orthopaedic Chairs for the Elderly

Best Orthopaedic Chairs for the Elderly in the UK

For the aged and crippled, an orthopaedic chair may be a vital piece of furniture. It is owing to the additional support given by this style of chair. In this article, our editors gather the Best Orthopaedic Chairs for the Elderly.

Orthopaedic chairs are designed to be comfortable and straightforward to use. The design intends to support the user’s spine and skeletal system. Your orthopaedic chair accomplishes this by carrying your lumbar area and enabling you to sit comfortably and correctly. Because of the ergonomic design, you are less likely to slump or lean over.

Orthopaedic chairs are excellent for lowering or eliminating existing aches and pains due to the support and seating posture. They also perform an excellent job of preventing new problems from emerging.

Furthermore, orthopaedic chairs generally have a higher seat than a conventional chair or couch, making it much simpler to sit in and get out of. The increased height makes them far more accessible to the elderly and those with disabilities.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the best Orthopaedic Chairs

Choosing the right sort of chair for a senior requires several considerations. It is essential to consider various elements to guarantee that the chair fulfils the user’s demands as precisely as feasible.

Seat Height, Depth & Angle

When it comes to relaxation, seat depth is crucial. The user would most likely feel uncomfortable and unsupported if it is fragile. Legs may feel constrained, and the person may believe they are unable to move freely. On the other hand, an overly deep chair may cause the legs to rub, resulting in pressure injuries.

The seat height is also critical, as a senior with limited mobility may have trouble getting in and out of a chair with a too-low seat. Not to mention that this might put a strain on the joints and increase the chance of falling. Shorter persons may be unable to reach the ground with their feet if the seat is too high, which may be unpleasant and reduce support quality.

Backrest Height & Angle

Since many chairs have backs that can recline, it is essential to choose a spot where they would not bump into anything, such as walls or other pieces of furniture. It does not imply that you cannot have a reclining chair in a small area, but you may need to choose a wall hugger, which takes up less space.

Regardless of whether the backrest reclines or not, the form and height of the backrest will influence the sort of support it provides. Selecting a higher level is a sensible decision if you need additional assistance. Finding a chair with a curved back will provide considerably greater stability and support for those with limited upper body power.


Many seniors have balance issues, which may make getting out of their chairs challenging. Having sturdy, broad armrests will provide them something to hold on to while getting up from the chair, making it far less likely that they would suffer a deadly fall.

Furthermore, armrests prevent the user from chafing on the chair as they move in and out, which may lead to skin damage and pressure sores.

Suppose the senior has difficulty getting in and out of the chair. In that case, a side transfer helps, particularly when changing into a wheelchair or patient lift. The user’s safety and comfort are improved, and the caregiver’s job is simplified. However, the chair must have detachable or adjustable armrests to accomplish a side transfer.

Lateral Support

Some seniors may struggle to maintain an upright posture when sitting. It might be due to concerns like decreased upper body strength. In this instance, you must choose a chair that can give enough support and includes items like robust armrests and proper head support.

A curved seat conforms to the body’s curvature, providing significantly more support than a chair that does not adapt to your shape.

Choosing a chair with these qualities can keep the user from slipping out of position or falling out of the chair. It will also enhance posture by reducing lousy posture.


What is comfortable for each person may vary, which will be influenced by their physical issues. For example, more excellent padding may be necessary if the user suffers from joint or back discomfort.

It is critical to consider how firm the padding is since some individuals want a more complicated and supportive feel and others a softer one. Different chairs are better suited to different demands, so it is worth trying out a few and assessing their comfort before deciding on one.


Not everyone will find the same posture to be comfortable or advantageous. Suppose the senior sits in the chair for an extended time. In that case, they may prefer to change positions, but this is not feasible without the proper adjustment choices. 

People who desire a wide range of adjustability choices may seek a zero-gravity lift chair. These chairs enable you to adjust to various positions, including the Trendelenburg position, which elevates the legs over the head and may enhance circulation and blood pressure.

Many chairs include simple adjustment settings that you may activate with the push of a button to help those paralyzed or who have had a stroke and cannot move their bodies. It enables the user to sit in different positions throughout the day, lowering the risk of pressure sores.

User’s Capabilities

Certain chairs may be challenging for elderly adults with cognitive problems due to the controls. In this instance, seeking chairs with basic and easy-to-understand rules is critical.

Furthermore, many seniors have vision issues, so the controls must be accessible, with extensive, clear writing indicating what each button accomplishes. If the user has dexterity issues, make sure the rules are not excessively stiff or tight.

Weight Allowance

While selecting a chair, you must choose one suitable for your weight. While this might be a challenging issue for many individuals to address, selecting a chair that can hold your weight provides safety and proper support.

Best Orthopaedic Chairs for Home

Best Orthopaedic Chairs for the Elderly in the UK
Eurodivani High Seat Orthopedic Chair

1. Eurodivani High Seat Orthopedic Chair

WebsiteEurodivani Italia | Seat Height: 53 cm | Product Dimensions (D x W x H): 76.2 x 76.2 x 116.8 centimetres | Available Colours: Beige, Brown, Plum, Lime Green, Teal, Oatmeal (Light Green), Silver | Product Warranty: 30-day right of return | Price: £239.99 

We start our list with the Eurodivani Orthopaedic High Seat Chair. It is a frequent top seller with several good customer feedback. The material is soft and pleasant while still incredibly durable.

The chair comes in a variety of colours, including beige, silver, plumb, green and brown. Its seat height of 53 cm allows for comfortable sitting and standing. You will get better comfort with a high back while sitting.

This chair has received a lot of excellent reviews. It is solid and pleasant, and its increased height is always a plus. We saw one little flaw: it requires some assembly. For instance, you must attach the feet once you receive them.

Best Orthopaedic Chairs for the Elderly in the UK
Morris Living Nelson Fireside Orthopaedic Armchair

2. Morris Living Nelson Fireside Orthopaedic Armchair

WebsiteMorris Living UK | Seat Height: 49.5 cm | Max User Weight: 115 kg | Product Dimensions (D x W x H): 103 cm x 74 cm x 81 cm | Available Colours: Wheat, Silver, Grey | Product Warranty: 1 year warranty with a 45-day return policy | Price: £315.00 – £349.99

Morris Living’s orthopaedic armchair is our second pick. It is another chair that has received a lot of great feedback. It includes a wing back seat for extra support. Morris Living crafted the Nelson orthopaedic armchair from a soft, textured fabric for added comfort. This chair has a seat height of 49.5 cm and is available in three colours (wheat, silver and grey).

This chair is comfy and provides excellent back and postural support. Sitting down from a standing position is simple, and the height makes rising much more straightforward.

Best Orthopaedic Chairs for the Elderly in the UK
Eurodivani Extra Wide Orthopedic Seat

3. Eurodivani Extra Wide Orthopedic Seat

WebsiteEurodivani Italia | Seat Height: 48 cm or 53 cm | Product Dimensions (D x W x H): 76.2 x 76.2 x 116.8 centimetres | Available Colours: Brown, Plumb, Teal, Beige, And Green | Product Warranty: 30-day right of return | Price: £259.99 

The Eurodivani Extra Wide Orthopedic Seat looks a lot like the first one on our list. Its most significant difference is that this variant has a 2.5-inch wider seat and various seat height options. It provides medium to firm support and chenille fabric for comfort. This chair is available in five colours (brown, plumb, teal, beige, and green). It has a seat height of 19 or 21 inches.

This extra broad orthopaedic chair has received positive feedback. People loved the increased breadth of this chair and the comfort and convenience of sitting and standing from both heights. Additionally, many customers were also pleased with Eurodivani’s customer service.

Best Orthopaedic Chairs for the Elderly in the UK
Cavendish Furniture Orthopedic High Seat Chair

4. Cavendish Furniture Orthopedic High Seat Chair

WebsiteCavendish Furniture Mobility UK | Seat Height: 49.5 cm | Max User Weight: 20 stone | Product Dimensions (D x W x H): 68 x 71 x 118 centimetres | Available Colours: Beige, Brown, Gold, Green, Plum, Ruby | Product Warranty: 30-day return policy | Price: £249.99 – £270.83

Cavendish furniture provides the fourth orthopaedic chair on this list. This chair has the best average star rating.

All seats for cavendish furniture are manufactured in the United Kingdom. This specific model has a seat height of 21 inches and a solid hardwood frame that upholsters in a durable but comfy fabric. Its well-designed back provides extra spine support. The maximum user weight capacity of this chair is 20 stone.

The user evaluations for this chair are all quite favourable, with comfort being a central selling point and a highly supportive upright seated posture. Sitting and standing in this chair are more accessible than in a regular chair.

Best Orthopaedic Chairs for the Elderly in the UK
Angel Home & Leisure Chesterfield Style, Leather Orthopedic Chair

5. Angel Home & Leisure Chesterfield Style, Leather Orthopedic Chair

Seat Height: 50 cm | Seat Width: 50 cm | Max User Weight: 110 kg | Product Dimensions (D x W x H): 60 x 67 x 114 centimetres | Available Colours: Cream, Brown, Black, and Ox Blood | Product Warranty: 30-day return policy | Price: £190.00

The Angel Home Orthopaedic Armchair is our particular favourite of the other orthopaedic chairs on our list. It was primarily owing to its excellent antique-looking design, which distinguished it from the other four seats. It was also the least expensive, which is surprising.

The chair also has the Amazon’s Choice label, designated for highly rated and reasonably priced items. This chair features a strong oak frame and a soft and comfy PU leather covering. It is available in various colours (cream, brown, black, and ox blood) and features a 50 cm seat height.

Other owners also like this chair; several people noticed its attractiveness, especially given the price. They also emphasized how comfy this chair was and how simple it was to sit and stand in.

Best Orthopaedic Chairs for the Office

Duorest Alpha a30h

1. Duorest Alpha A30H

WebsiteDuorest | Max User Height: 6 foot 1 inch | Max User Weight: 136 kg | Product Dimensions (D x W x H): 58.8 x 66 x 121.9 centimetres | Available Colours: Blue, Brown, Green, Red, Grey, Black, | Product Warranty: 3 years | Price: £649.00

The majority of office employees prefer these models. The backrest of Duorest Alpha a30h is made up of two pieces that you may easily adjust in position. The armrests adapt to the user’s anatomical characteristics, and the headrest does. As a result, its cervical spine is well-protected. The chair has a weight capacity of 136 kg.

The high-tension mesh seat pan accommodates the user’s weight with improved air circulation and flexibility. Its adjustable seat pan distributes pressure and maintains heat distribution, ensuring daily comfort.

The synchronized tilt adjusts the seat pan individually with the tilt degree to adequately support the spine and the back to accommodate the user’s natural body position. Users can adapt tilt tension as per their preference and fix the tilt degree.

You may adjust its synthetic leather headrest height and angle to suit the user comfortably. Head and neck support are essential for maintaining appropriate posture and reducing fatigue. Armrests are entirely adjustable to provide natural support for the elbow and wrist, reducing the possibility of overpressure.

Users may adjust the Seat pan depth to accommodate users’ height and reclining angle. The polished metal base properly distributes the user’s weight to improve stability. Fabrics are used in the furniture’s upholstery to ensure that the user’s skin will remain dry even on the warmest days. 

Comfort Seating Ergohuman Plus

2. Comfort Seating Ergohuman Plus

WebsiteComfort Global | Seat Height: 47 cm (lowest), 56.3 cm (highest) | Max User Weight: 150 kg | Product Dimensions (D x W x H): 73.6 x 67.3 x 132 centimetres | Available Colours: Black, Blue, Green, Grey | Product Warranty: Lifetime warranty | Price: £963.60 – £1,174.80

Ergohuman Plus Luxury is a BS 5459-2:2000 certified ergonomic chair with a load capacity of up to 150 kg. Ergohuman Plus Luxury has an aluminium frame and a mesh finish for optimal ventilation.

Its comfy design is long-lasting and dependable. Since the backrest is composed of mesh, the user’s natural body temperature is maintained. All settings, including the armrests and headrest, may be modified if desired. The existence of a clothing hanging will be a welcome feature. Its rocking mechanism is synchronous, and the primary material of construction is metal.

Kulik System Diamond

3. Kulik System Diamond

WebsiteKulik System | Product Dimensions (D x W x H): 75 х 70 х 46 centimetres | Available Colours: Black and Brown

A director or CEO deserves a chair as impressive as the rest of their office furnishings. Therefore, it would be better if they had one built in Italy. The model comes in two colours: black and brown. The seat will be comfy and can support a person of quite an enormous stature.

The upholstery is available in natural or synthetic leather. Its tilt angle and lumbar cushion are adjustable, but the armrests, headrest, and backrest angle cannot alter, which is a considerable downside considering the chair’s high price.

4. Bureaucrat T-9999 Executive Chair

4. Bureaucrat T-9999 Executive Chair

WebsiteCavendish Furtniture Mobility UK | Max User Weight: 180 kg | Product Dimensions (D x W x H): 50 x 59 x 111 centimetres | Available Colours: Black | Product Warranty: 18 months 

A domestically produced armchair will look great in any manager’s workplace. The model’s low price, in addition to its usefulness and durability, is a significant selling point.

This bureaucrat chair can resist even the most powerful bosses, with a maximum load of 180 kg. Furthermore, the benefits include a broad choice of furniture colours, allowing the customer to choose furniture for his workplace while keeping design characteristics in mind. The lumbar support is pleasant, and the armrests and headrests are also adjustable.

Duorest Cabinet DR-120

5. Duorest Cabinet DR-120

WebsiteDuorest | Max User Height: 6 foot 1 inch | Max User Weight: 136 kg | Product Dimensions (D x W x H): 60 x 64 x 125 centimetres | Available Colours: Black and Brown | Product Warranty: 3 years | Price: £2000.00

Duorest Cabinet DR-120 is the finest choice for a manager’s office. The design is dependable, and the orthopaedic component is as accurate as feasible. Depending on their anatomical characteristics, the user can adjust the chair’s armrests, headrests, and back. Furthermore, the furniture is appropriate for persons who are overweight.

The chair’s upholstery is genuine leather, a beautiful answer regarding longevity. However, using such furniture in the heat may create excessive perspiration. Furthermore, the manufacturer’s choice to make the crosspiece of thin plastic remains unknown. For this pricing range, we want a better substance, such as aluminium.

Final Verdict

If you are searching for an orthopaedic chair, you have several options. The chairs indicated above are the most frequently bought chairs. They also routinely get highly positive feedback from former clients. Furthermore, they are all relatively inexpensive.

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