Popular Locations When Retiring Abroad

Popular Locations When Retiring Abroad

Whether you are retiring abroad permanently or are simply looking to buy a holiday home overseas which you may look to live in on a seasonal basis, there are many travel destinations both near and far that are proving popular locations for British retirees looking to retire abroad.

European destinations, especially those with warmer climates than the UK are still the most sought after with the likes of France and Spain still topping the list of international destinations for retirees.

Greece and Portugal are also becoming more established locations, due to their increase in popularity amongst holidaymakers and with the growth of cut-price budget airlines flying regularly to even more locations, the ease at which you can get to the UK from your retirement property abroad to see family and friends, has resulted in a boom in the international retirement property market.

It’s not just the traditional European destinations that hold so much appeal these days. Many people choose to sell up and move abroad to the other side of the world and there are also a number of ‘up and coming’ destinations in Europe which, whilst still being established, can often represent a significant saving on a similar property elsewhere. Here is an overview of some of the most popular locations for Britons when retiring abroad along with some reasons why they are so popular.

Retiring To France

Budget airlines have made France even more appealing as a place to retire to given that many of them now fly to destinations that many of us would have previously been unaware of. France’s appeal as a retirement location is due to its close proximity to the UK. And, if you prefer to drive and take the ferry, those alternative travel options are plentiful. There are also a number of British rural enclaves out in various parts of France which is also appealing to those who would like to maintain a sense of community spirit whilst the locals will also make you feel at home. They call the French lifestyle ‘joie de vivre’ meaning ‘joy of life’ and many Britons who retire there are attracted to the laidback lifestyle with an emphasis on fine wine, great cuisine and good company.

Retiring To Spain

Spain continues to attract large numbers of people looking to relocate abroad in retirement. The weather is generally even more settled than in France and a large proportion of the British community are settled along the various southern sunshine coasts such as the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol, although you will also find small pockets of Britons almost anywhere – from living within any of the great traditional Spanish cities to enjoying a more rural, peaceful setting. Additionally, the Spanish-owned Balearic and Canary Islands are also extremely popular locations for people to retire to. Once again it’s often the sense of community that holds much appeal but the weather is obviously a great influencing factor.

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Retiring to Greece and Portugal

Retiring to Greece (or, more likely, one of the Greek islands) and Portugal is becoming more popular as more Britons go on holiday to these destinations. In Portugal, it’s the Algarve peninsula with its fantastic beaches and magnificent golf courses which they have in abundance which are the most influential factors but it has much the same appeal as Spain. Retiring in Greece is very popular for those who like the changes in seasons and, although it rarely gets as cold as the UK in winter, some parts of Greece and neighboring islands do experience winter as we might know it along with receiving snowfall. The Greek food is also very popular amongst Britons retiring there as well as there being a real sense of hospitality and welcoming from the Greek people.

Retiring in the Balkans And Eastern Europe

Many Britons have started to cash in and buy retirement property in the Balkan states and even further afield in Eastern Europe. The prospect of buying a retirement home for far less than a similar home might cost in France or Spain is obviously its biggest attraction. Countries like Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey are becoming ever more popular with Britons looking to, perhaps, snap up a bargain retirement home.

Retiring in the USA, Australia and New Zealand

The USA, Australia and New Zealand have always been seen as prime locations for those who wish to ‘up sticks and retire’ even further afield. As well as the natives speaking English predominantly in all three countries, each of them has its own unique appeal with more predictable seasons than in the UK and with the full range of outdoor and leisure activities to pursue. Additionally, many people who retire to these countries do so to become closer to other family members.

As these are some of the most popular locations for people from the UK to retire to, you will probably know someone personally already who has gone out and done it for themselves and they will obviously be a very useful resource to gather information from and there are, of course, plenty of resources online.

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