Top 20 Retirement Gifts For Men & Women 2023

Retirement Gifts for Men & Women

Retirement gifts are how employers, not to mention fellow colleagues, can say thanks to someone at the end of their career.

Here at Retirement Expert, we offer advice on all things senior living. In today’s post, it’s the turn of the best retirement gifts to give in 2023. 

After all, in many workplaces, colleagues are more than just people to work alongside. Often, those we work with can also become lifelong friends.

While many consider retirement as something they look forward to, when the time comes retiring can actually be a huge life adjustment. So in many ways, the retirement celebrations including any gifts given, can help reassure the person as they enter the next stage of their life. 

Our retirement gifts will cover a number of options, including retirement gifts for men and women. Plus budget present ideas, as well as those grander purchases – with the latter best suited to when a larger workplace collection is in place. 

Retirement Present Ideas: What To Consider

  • Have a think about the recipient’s personality, and what type of gift they would truly get the benefit from. 
  • Are people at the company buying presents individually, or are you putting in as a group collection? For group collections, figure out your number of people and donation per person to calculate the present budget. 
  • Consider how the gift will be presented to them, and who will be responsible for purchasing it, wrapping it, presenting it etc. 
  • Try to keep gimmicky or novelty gifts to a minimum, so that the overall bundle offers something the recipient will truly benefit from. 
  • Organise any retirement collections well in advance, so that you have time to collect money and purchase the present. 
  • Don’t be afraid to step away from the traditional present ideas for someone retiring, especially if these gifts wouldn’t suit them. 

Retirement Gifts For Men – Leaving Gifts For Him

In search of retirement gifts for men? 

We’re keen to stress that the following gifts may be geared towards men, though can actually be for anyone so long as they are suitable. But as ‘retirement gifts for men’ is a popular search term, it’s helpful to cater to the masses here.

By all means, if any of the following gifts would work well for a lady you know who is retiring too, then buy away!

From the sporty guy to the one who likes to keep organised, and even the man who craves travel and adventure now he’s retiring, there’s something for every retiree in the following list. 

I’m Retired Now Go Ask Someone Else Mug

The relief when you can finally clock-off from work is immense, we’re sure! But now the person is at home more often, they may get tasked onto other duties. 

Ensure that is never allowed to be the case with this mug, which politely informs others that they are retired, so they should go ask someone else. 

What’s great about a mug is that it’s a failsafe option that is guaranteed to get a laugh. It’s also a budget friendly present idea, and could even work even if you don’t know the person that well. 

Callaway Edge 10 Piece Unisex’s Graphite & Steel Golf Club Set

For those big-ticket retirement present items, you can’t go far wrong with a set of golf clubs. Namely, a quality set of golf clubs made by one of the leading names – Callaway.

Getting out on the golf course is a great way to stay active in your later years, not to mention socialise with others too. 

Now there’s no work to worry about, your recipient can have endless fun on the course any day of the week! 

Ninja Air Fryer

It may be a bold statement, but it’s fair to say the air fryer has overtaken every other way of cooking nowadays. Yes, even including the outdoor grill.

Though similar to the BBQ world, men have a particular affiliation with air fryers. They are cool, techy, and well something ultra-different. Air fryers are friendlier on the wallet as they are cheaper to run, and are generally much healthier than other ways of cooking.

For anyone about to retire who doesn’t have an air fryer, we’re sure they’d be delighted with one! There are many good air fryer names on the market, including this reasonably priced model by Ninja. 

Triple Supercar Racing Experience Day

Would your retiree like the sound of hitting the open road (well, circuit track) in a Ferrari or Lamborghini? If so, a racing experience day could create a thrilling start to their retirement journey.

With 20 circuits to choose from across the country, this is one gift idea that has bags of potential. It’s also a good retirement gift for car enthusiasts, seen as driving is what they love to do the most. 

Wooden Docking Station Organiser

For the man who likes his life customised, ensure he can find all the essentials with ease during retirement with this sleek wooden docking station, which also acts as a bedside organiser.

Holding a phone, watch, sunglasses and all the oddities we all need to survive these days, an organiser is a thoughtful gift that’s perfect for those super neat types.

LEGO Fast & Furious Car Model Building Kit

Who said retirement gifts for men had to be boring or predictable?

If your retiree has more of a creative side, and loves his ‘boy toys’, then this Lego Fast & Furious Car Model Building Kit could give him something to play with during all this upcoming free time. 

Across the entire Lego range, there’s endless film franchises to explore, with some models being incredibly sophisticated. So there’s definitely something for every man, especially if whisky or golf isn’t their thing. 

Many car/Lego fans also like to display their finished creations at home, creating endless possibilities with this gift. 

Bose QuietComfort® Headphones

For the man who likes his music, ensure his favourite tunes have never sounded better with some Bose headphones.

Sitting on the premium end of the market, it’s fair to say Bose headphones are a real treat. Headphones also happen to be an example of a retirement gift that is ultra practical, seen as unlikely novelty gifts, you can use headphones every day. 

For instance, when working out, listening to TV shows or even travelling. On that note, if your retiree is playing any trips, the noise cancelling of Bose headphones is truly superior. So they’ll definitely thank you for that! 

‘For Someone Special’ Hamper

Want to make a really big fuss with your retirement gift? Buy them a hamper!

We’ve found the above hamper which contains 40 different gourmet foods including wine, chutney, cheeses, chocolate and much more. 

Though most department stores also do their version of a hamper, which could be perfect for anyone about to retire. Tie a couple of balloons to the hamper and present it along with your card for an instant ‘wow’ effect moment. 

Make Your First Year of Retirement Unforgettable

As we mentioned at the start, retirement is a huge life transition. So when it comes to retirement gifts, a book can give that person a framework to guide them.

There’s lots of retirement books on the market, varying from the serious to the humorous. But with ‘Make Your First Year of Retirement Unforgettable’, this book actually looks to inspire the person, seeing as it is a new chapter of their life. 

In short, this book is about embracing retirement as much as possible.

Travel Passport Cover + A Surprise Trip!

Now that the person retiring doesn’t have to take time off to travel, why not club together to send them on a trip of a lifetime?

Presented in this wonderful ‘scratch and reveal’ travel ticket, you can either opt to send the person to a specific location or purchase travel vouchers. 

Where there is a larger collection in place, and you can’t think of a physical gift to suit the person, travel will offer an unforgettable gift, not to mention experience for your recipient. 

Retirement Gifts For Women – Leaving Gifts For Her 

Similar to finding retirement gift ideas for men, it’s not easy to come up with present ideas for women either.

Really, the trick is to consider what the person would like in terms of their personality, plus their goals for retirement in general. 

Depending whether the female in question plans to put her feet up in retirement, or is looking forward to staying active, there’s definitely lots to choose from. 

We’ve also included some ‘safe’ options that could suit any woman, or indeed man who is about to retire. 

Kies® Retirement Gifts for Women Customised Glass

When it comes to finding a leaving present for women, it’s always nice to throw in a customised item. If the lady who is leaving likes a drink and a joke, then a customised glass with a message of your choice makes for a great smaller item to throw in.

We’re sure they’ll appreciate it if you throw in a bottle of their favourite tipple too! Complete with a presentation box, this glass is a wonderful gift idea.

Ladies Luxury Gardening Gift Set

Boasting excellent value, this ladies gardening set is apt for those green fingered employees who look forward to spending more time outdoors once they retire.

Alongside a gardening fork, trowel and gloves, this set also contains two scented candles. The floral design of each item gets away from the ultra ‘pink’ theme of women’s retirement present ideas, yet with its florals still feels feminine. 

Spa Experience Day

After so many years working, it’s time for your gift recipient to put their feet up. They can quite literally do this with a spa day! 

Working out all those knots, there’s no better way to let go of that work stress once and for all, so that they can relax into retirement. 

Luxury Garden Recliner

With so much time to lounge around in retirement, make sure your recipient does so in comfort with this luxury garden recliner.

As we age, comfort really does become a premium meaning chairs without back support just won’t do. For sitting out in the garden reading a good book, this chair will ensure their spine is supported from head to toe. 

Therefore, as well as being ideal for those who want to relax in retirement, you may also want to gift this to someone who has any aches or pains, seen as the right comfort will allow them to enjoy their outdoor spaces for longer. 

Retirement Adult Colouring Book

For any straight-shooting women about to retire, we’ll sure they’ll appreciate this adult colouring book, which also doubles as a book full of humorous quotes about retirement. 

‘Retirement – half the money, twice the spouse’, and ‘goodbye tension, hello pension!’ are just some of the quotes to look forward to, as they colour their way through this book. 

Pink Gin Hamper Set

When you’re retired, gin o’clock can now happen at any hour of the day.

Containing pink gin and chocolates, we’ll think you agree this is one combination any woman about to retire will surely appreciate. Plus, everything is put together nicely as a hamper making it ideal to give to them on their last day of work.

Happy Retirement Bracelet

Want to channel Elizabeth Taylor with your retirement present?

At a slightly more budget-friendly price than Ms. Taylor’s jewel collection, you can pick up a retirement bracelet to wish the person good luck in their new life. 

Made from sterling silver, this retirement bracelet could be part of a wider collection, or be given as an individual gift.

Amazon Gift Voucher

If you’ve gotten this far down our list of retirement gifts for women, you might not have hit on quite the right idea just yet.

In this case, you might want to consider gifting her an Amazon voucher, which runs up to amount of £1,000.

On Amazon, you can purchase practically anything, from homeware to clothing, fitness products to travel experiences. So if you’d prefer to let your recipient decide how to spend the money, an Amazon voucher is a good solution.

Amazon even allows you to pick custom gift card designs. They have options for retirement, though you can also upload your own design to create a super personalised voucher for them. 

Apple Watch

Remember when people used to give carriage clocks as a retirement gift? Keep the same sentiment but add a modern twist, by giving an Apple Watch instead.

There’s various Apple Watches available and each run at different price points, meaning there’s something for all budgets.

More than just a way to tell the time, an Apple Watch tracks your whole health and fitness. Plus, you can answer calls, read emails and so much more. 

For any tech-savvy senior, an Apple Watch is a gift they’d truly appreciate.


Far from being ‘just a fancy blender’ a Nutribullet is one of the easiest ways to stay healthy, especially as we age. 

The design of a Nutribullet is unique, as everything is contained within one main section, to facilitate ease of use including cleaning. 

For those who have struggled to eat healthy in the past, Nutribullets have become a revolution. The results of what you blend can be eaten there and then, or taken with you in the provided flask on any walks. 

The popularity of Nutribullets – particularly for gifting – shows just how diverse gifts can be, especially when you remove the typical ideas from the equation. 

After all, retirement is a new chapter of someone’s life. So why not give them a gift that will support them in the best possible way? 

Retirement Gift Ideas FAQs

We’ve answered some of the most common questions about giving a gift for retirement below. 

But if you don’t see your query, feel free to reach out to us on social media. Or drop us a comment to suggest a different article you’d like to see us cover. 

What Do You Buy As a Retirement Gift?

Hopefully the above ideas have given you food for thought when it comes to choosing the perfect retirement gift! 

But otherwise, our best advice is to consider the person as an individual. Consider their personality, tastes and overall goals for their retirement years. All of which will steer you towards a suitable retirement gift. 

Do You Send Thank You Cards For Retirement?

Sending a thank you card in addition to a retirement gift is always a nice touch. It’s usually custom to have everyone in the workplace sign the card, and present it along with any gifts for the recipient. 

Are Retirement Gifts Taxable UK? 

That depends on the type of gift you are looking to give. If you’re an employer and you give a cash gift for retirement, then this income would be taxable. However, non-cash gifts are usually non taxable. 

If you live outside of the UK, you may need to check your own taxation laws as these may differ from the UK. 

What To Give A Teacher That Is Leaving?

If a teacher at the school you work at (or your child’s school) is retiring, it’s always nice to give them a leaving present. Any of the above gifts could be suitable, ranging from golf clubs to a hamper, an Apple watch to an experience day. 

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