Where to Find Holiday Discounts for Senior Citizens

Where to Find Holiday Discounts for Senior Citizens

Everyone loves going on holiday and retired people often have the time to take more than one holiday per year. Although time constraints may not be a problem, the expense of a holiday can seriously eat into pensions and savings. There are easy ways however, to find discounted holidays for senior citizens as well as a number of low cost booking options.

Traditional Routes for Senior Citizen Holidays

There are many companies that have been specifically designed with senior citizens and retirees in mind. Companies such as SAGA provide holidays at home and abroad with discounted rates for senior citizens.

SAGA also offers a range of discounted holiday products such as travel insurance and foreign currency exchange. All of these holidays and travel products should be less expensive when compared to the high street travel companies. Always look out for special low cost holiday offers provided by holiday senior citizen holiday companies that are available throughout the year.

Do It Yourself for Big Holiday Discounts

Senior citizens who are computer savvy can arrange their own holidays through a variety of travel websites. Booking flights and hotels separately through airlines and specialist companies such as hotels.com and laterooms.com can bring as much two-thirds off the high street prices.

Booking flights and hotels separately using these sites is one of the best ways to find inexpensive holidays regardless of age. Companies such as laterooms.com will not charge at the booking stage, customers pay the hotels on arrival, meaning holiday companies are not holding onto the customer’s money before the holiday.

Shop Around at Senior Citizen Holiday Websites

As with shopping at the high street stores, it pays to shop around the internet for bargain holidays. There are dozens of websites that provide holidays specifically for retirees and senior citizens. Most of these holiday companies will provide discounted holidays for those aged 50 and over.

Don’t simply choose what appears to be the best deal but compare the same holidays over a number of different websites. Customers can find the same hotels and holiday packages offered at different rates through the various websites. This is because the websites offering the holidays will apply their own charges, and the difference between the companies can be significant.

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Clever Booking Can Mean Additional Yearly Holidays

Having a few holidays spread throughout the year is one of the benefits of retirement. A few holidays per year need not necessarily be expensive if the holidays are taken during the low season. This means booking during quieter periods such as early spring, late autumn and winter.

Those looking for sunshine holidays can consider year round holiday hotspots such as the Canary Islands and Malta. The low season will be quieter but will also be significantly less expensive than booking during the peak summer months. In fact a few holidays per year during the low seasons can work out as the same price as one holiday during the busy peak season.

Tips to Remember for Additional Holiday Discounts

There are a number of rules that apply towards achieving big discounts when booking holidays and holiday products. These will include:

  • Booking a holiday well in advance will provide additional discounts
  • Internet holiday providers will have lower overheads than high street travel agents and prices should be lower
  • When booking flights, the day and time of the flight will make a difference to the price
  • Midweek flights will usually be less expensive as will flights during the early morning and late at night
  • Booking holidays as a group or as a couple can bring good discounts and holiday agents will often negotiate prices
  • It is always less expensive to book additional features such as sports activities and tours once abroad rather than through a tour operator
  • Be wary of buying holiday insurance through travel agents, this product will usually always be less expensive when bought independently

All-Inclusive Holidays Will Be the Best Financial Option

One of the many holiday options that will be offered when booking will be all-inclusive. For senior citizens looking to get the most from their holiday budget this will be the sensible option. All-inclusive will usually mean all meals, and local alcoholic and soft drinks are included in the price. All-inclusive holidays can often mean selected tours and sports activities such as golf will be included in the price. All-inclusive holidays can bring large savings compared to buying meals and drinks when abroad. Always compare all-inclusive prices to the regular holiday prices offered by senior citizen holiday companies.

It is more than possible for senior citizens to achieve great discounts on holidays throughout the year. Comparing prices, searching special offers through senior citizen holiday websites and booking during the low season should bring significant savings. Using these cost efficient holiday options can mean seniors can enjoy more than one holiday per year.

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