Where to Find Suitable Retirement Jobs

Suitable Retirement Jobs

Finding a suitable retirement job can be a task in itself. For those who wish to continue working in later life, there are a few employment avenues that should bring results when searching for retirement jobs.

Continuing to Work During Retirement

There are many positive reasons to work during the retirement years. Not only does working in later life bring in some additional cash but medical research has shown that older people who continue to work are healthier. Working during retirement is also a great way to keep an active social circle through contact with work colleagues. Older workers can request to continue to work at their present employers. But for those looking for new retirement jobs there are a variety of ways to find a new employer.

Good News for Older Workers

The good news for older workers is that employers are now actively looking to hire older workers. Another positive factor is that more retirement jobs are being created for older workers. This coincides with the fact that more people are working longer and the number of workers over the age of 55 is increasing. Most retirees who continue to work will do so on a part-time or job-sharing basis. Many employers do favour older workers for the experience they can bring to the workplace, and older workers are viewed by many employers as very reliable.

Update the Employment CV

Updating a CV should be the first task for those looking for retirement jobs. There are companies that will professionally produce CVs, and although this can be worthwhile there will be a fee attached. There are plenty of websites where CV templates can be downloaded for free with tutorials explaining the entire process. A well-set-out CV can make all the difference when it comes to catching an employer’s interest. Older workers should concentrate on their main employment skills and employers when updating a CV.

Make an Appoint with a Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies are an excellent place to find retirement jobs. There are recruitment agencies that are dedicated to finding work for older people and retirees. Websites such as Wise Owls, Forties People and Experienced People are specifically designed to find jobs for older employees. Another plus point with recruitment agencies is that they will have employment contacts across a wide sector of employment industries. Most towns and cities will have numerous recruitment agencies; simply email or phone for an appointment.

Place CVs on Online Recruitment Websites

There are plenty of online employment recruitment websites on which CVs can be uploaded. Websites such as Monster and Jobs1 permit job seekers to search for jobs by geographical location and job type. An employment CV can be uploaded onto the jobsite and can then be viewed by potential employers. These online employment recruitment job sites are completely free to use and are a great way to seek out a variety of retirement jobs.

Consider the Self-Employment Route

Older workers have a vast amount of work skills that can be passed on to others. Utilizing these skills is a great way to become your own boss, set your own hours and earn some extra income. Anyone who has skills that are in demand can set up their own business from home. The internet is a tool that can be used to advertise the business; in fact, the entire business can be conducted over the internet. Skills such as accounts, bookkeeping, secretarial, Information Technology and teaching foreign languages are just a few of the in-demand skills required by individuals and businesses.

Make the Most of Previous Employment Skills

Older workers will usually have a huge amount of employment skills gained through their lives in a variety of different jobs. Do not underestimate the sales value of these skills. Points to remember when hunting for retirement jobs should include:

  • Widen the job search; the more employment sources searched, the greater the amount of opportunities and contacts
  • Consider selling employment skills such as accounts experience to small businesses on an independent contractor basis
  • Contact previous employers to enquire about part-time work
  • Search online job boards on sites such as Craigslist and Gumtree
  • Local job centres should provide good results and jobs can be sourced on online job centre websites
  • Volunteering at charitable organisations is a another job option if pay is not a consideration
  • Contact local colleges and universities that are always looking for teachers with a wide variety of employment skills

Previous employment skills are a serious plus point for older people looking for work. These skills are very valuable to employers and small businesses looking to hire people on an ‘as needed’ basis. The internet has become one of the most useful job search tools and should not be underestimated when searching for that perfect retirement job.

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